Online retail is a fast moving industry, where the price of products move even quicker. This week, ecommerce giant ekmPowershop teamed up with market intelligence specialist Skuuudle, delivering price checking technology to 1 in 5 online shops in the UK.

Skuuudle checks product prices on specific competitors as well as thousands of websites, marketplaces and shopping directories on a daily basis. Providing intelligence to many of the world’s largest retail chains – they’ve recently built a solution for SMEs and ecommerce websites using ekmPowershop’s hugely popular ecommerce platform.
ekm Powershop
Steven Hickey from ekmPowershop says: “For small web based businesses, keeping track of what’s happening in their market and remaining competitive on price has always been a manual, and fairly ineffective process. Skuuudle puts the power of automated price checking in the hands of the trader. It’s a huge partnership, as we’re offering cutting edge market intelligence to a brand new audience – this kind of stuff has always been exclusive to big businesses. Together we’ve come up with something that thousands or even millions of businesses can use all over the word – and it’s affordable.”

Andrew Senior Founder of Skuuudle adds: “What the technology does is cut huge costs out of running an online business. Essentially, we collect online data so our customers know their competition. We gather all the products and prices from other online companies so our customers can check the prices of their competitors, and what product ranges they stock, before they price their products themselves. This enables them to define their own pricing and ranging strategies”

ekmPowershop’s global reach, with local versions in Spain, France, Germany and further afield in emerging markets like Latin America means Skuuudle will also be available globally, as they’ve developed their own global growth strategy. Andrew Senior from Skuuudle goes on: “We started in the UK, and have now have a number of clients in the USA , France, and Germany, which has all happened without doing any marketing,” he said. “Our aim is to become the global leader in competitive intelligence and price automation – the investment we’ve made with ekmPowershop sets us on the road to achieve this.”

Skuuudle is available to tens of thousands of ekmPowershop users now.

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