Financial Planners at Bellpenny can now access their own suite of low-cost model portfolios as a result of a new partnership with Charles Stanley Pan Asset.

Bellpenny’s passive model portfolio range has been risk profiled by Distribution Technology, allowing Bellpenny Financial Planners to match clients to the portfolios that best meet their requirements for risk and return.

The portfolios are powered by Pan Asset and are based on the market-leading PanASSET1-6 range, boasting total costs of around 0.45% per year.


Dominic Rose, Bellpenny’s Acquisitions & Sales Director said:
“These bespoke portfolios are another example of the added value Bellpenny is able to provide to clients. This allows us to deliver incredibly low investment costs, which we believe is an essential ingredient in maximising long-term returns.”

The Bellpenny Passive Model Portfolios are dynamically managed by Pan Asset, allowing clients to benefit from the investment and risk management expertise of an experienced investment committee, including committee chair John Redwood and Managing Director Christopher Aldous.

Christopher Aldous, Managing Director of Charles Stanley Pan-Asset commented:
“Bellpenny considered a number of options for providing an ultra-low-cost investment solution to their clients so we’re delighted that they have awarded the mandate to Charles Stanley Pan Asset. The models have been tailored to be compatible with Bellpenny’s preferred investment platforms and have been risk rated by Distribution Technology to ensure they fit with the financial planning team’s client risk profiling approach.”

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