In an informative webinar leading up to the inaugural #BankSocial Media Conference, leaders from Geezeo, GREMLN Social and Chatter Yak will discuss the fundamental steps and best practices in creating a powerful, results-oriented digital strategy for banks. With both Geezeo and GREMLN receiving ABA endorsements for their respective solutions, the expertise at the helm of this webinar is second to none. Those who wish to register for the webinar can sign up here.

LOGO“I continue to be amazed by the momentum this event has gathered – and is still gathering, with only weeks to go until the conference begins,” says #BankSocial Founder John Siracusa. “‘The New Digital Bank’ webinar will offer an intriguing preview of what retail banks and digital agencies can expect from the conference.”

GREMLN CEO Chris Moloney will discuss the results of a 2016 annual survey on best practices for social media marketing for banks. Moloney will also explore the top 5 risks, how to reduce those by using a compliance & marketing platform, and what banks should look for when evaluating those tools.

The value of search engine rankings will be the focus of Bryan Clagett from Geezeo, while both Geezeo and Chatter Yak employees will contribute to a discussion on how to integrate product sales into strategy. The fourth and final step in any strategy is to measure effectiveness. All three digital agencies will offer their perspective on this pivotal and ongoing process.

“Banks are embracing social media because it can deliver a better return than any other marketing investment,” said Moloney. “The banking industry is playing catch up with other industries that have already capitalized on the opportunity social media presents for business.”

“For the past 3 years, we’ve been on a mission to help financial institutions turn their ‘likes’ into loans,” says Bryce Roth from Chatter Yak. “Today, social community managers need a budget to get their message to consumers. When you can show how your social channels are contributing to your company’s bottom line, getting the budget you need to succeed is easy.”

“Financial institutions have an incredible opportunity right in front of them,” said Bryan Clagett, CMO, Geezeo. “Consumer expectations are shifting and a new generation of digital banking is emerging right before our eyes, but time is of the essence because the competitive landscape is evolving.”

#BankSocial’s mission is to give participants the knowledge and insights necessary to leverage the amazing opportunities afforded by today’s social media. Scheduled for April 7-8 in Newark, New Jersey, the conference features a lineup of thought leaders from both banking and social media marketing.

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