Avoka, the customer experience management company specializing in multi-channel engagement applications, has revealed new functionality available with Avoka Transact 4.1. The updated solution provides enhanced digital channel sales and service transactions combined with A/B testing and analytics to drive continuous improvement in multi-channel customer experience and conversion for financial services and government organizations.

“Avoka Transact was developed to provide unmatched agility to transform legacy forms into multi-channel engagement applications that enhance the customer experience and drive sales. Version 4.1 builds on our already solid platform to create a convenient, easy-to-use and mobile-friendly application process for new and existing customers that reduces application abandonment and increases sales conversion rates,” said Philip Copeland, CEO for Avoka. “One financial service customer used the analytics capabilities to improve conversion rates on loan applications by 43%. Another banking client with over $600 billion in funds under management began using our new eSignature capability to eliminate 300 paper ‘fill & sign’ forms with engaging iPad experiences for customers. We are confident the new functionality in Avoka Transact 4.1 will allow us to deliver further on our mission as we see increased demand from financial and public sector organizations worldwide looking to improve the digital experience for their customers.”

Key features and benefits of Avoka Transact 4.1 include:

• Customer Engagement Applications: Avoka Transact 4.1 drives the user experience to the next level, enabling businesses to create highly-engaging customer transaction applications that traditionally could only be built over several weeks or months as custom web applications by expensive web developers. Months of team development now becomes days for an individual with new out-of-the-box Maguire 2.0 Templates that do not require extensive development experience to create an engaging web application. Customer engagement application capabilities include a unified navigation experience, pop-up dialogs, in-form file attachments, responsive signatures, in-build save and resume, in-form confirmation pages and more, which businesses use to create an engaging experience that drives greater customer acquisition.

• Conversion Optimization: New analytics capabilities that allow Avoka clients to more easily analyze customer behavior, including abandonment, with a view to rapidly identify and test incremental improvements to optimize conversion. Avoka Transact 4.1 also includes the ability to have two slightly different versions of an engagement application, such as a credit card application, for A/B testing to measure the effectiveness of each. This takes the benefit of A/B testing beyond the realm of marketing and into real, measureable sales and service transaction experiences. Avoka Transact’s unique real-time analytics capabilities enable businesses to rapidly improve sales and service transactions for increased conversion rates.

• Agility: Easy-to-complete applications with enhancements including pre-built integrations with customer relationship management (CRM), electronic identity verification, social networks for profile auto-populate and a new attachment modelthat allows users to upload supporting documentation or images exactly where they’re needed in the application experience. An improved scribble signature that closely mimics the look and feel of ink on paper. Task claiming that improves coordination across team members and allows even the most complex collaboration to be clear and effective. An updated Avoka TransactField App that delivers enhanced Microsoft Windows 7 support (in addition to the existing Windows 8.1, iOS and Android versions) with upgraded synching and image resizing for greater reliability and speed. Hundreds of improvements across the platform make Avoka Transact 4.1 our best release ever.

Avoka Transact delivers a sophisticated digital engagement platform with responsive design, collaboration capability, built-in analytics and integrations that create an unparalleled and dynamic customer transaction experience with the agility needed to meet modern customer demands. The solution makes it easy for financial service institutions and government organizations looking to grow and retain customers / users across multiple digital channels to create more engaging interactions related to bank accounts, credit applications, licenses and permits anywhere, anytime and via any device.

About Avoka

Avoka transforms legacy paper, PDF & web forms into multi-channel engagement applications for credit cards, personal loans and government services that deliver seamless customer transaction experiences that increase sales, enhance the account application experience and drive customer acquisition and engagement rates for financial and government organizations. Customers gain competitive advantage and embrace the movement to digital through responsive design, data collection and analysis, integration with systems of record and the business agility modern customers’ demand. Avoka delivers a proven track record with financial services and government organizations including more than 12 years managing digital sales and service transactions, over 16,000 sales and service transaction projects completed and upward of 100 million global business-critical customer transactions completed each year. Avoka has offices in Broomfield, CO and Manly, Australia. Visit us athttp://www.avoka.com/.

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