Online shopping system adds tax compliance to help expand 32,000-strong European user base

Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software that delivers a broad array of compliance solutions related to VAT, sales tax, and other transactional taxes announced that Shopware, a powerful and flexible ecommerce software provider, joins Avalara’s community of certified solution partners.  Avalara’s solution partners are software publishers that integrate Avalara’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for compliance management directly into their own applications.

As a result of this partnership, Shopware customers can now use Avalara AvaTax™ from within the Shopware platform to automatically calculate the final transaction tax amount on every invoice or completed checkout payment. This eliminates the tedious work and complexity of calculating taxes across multiple jurisdictions and helps Shopware’s customers focus on their core offering.

Ava Logo“Calculating the correct rate of tax is extremely complicated, especially given the different compliance rules worldwide,” said WiljoKrechting, Marketing Manager at Shopware. “International trade is a top priority for many of our 32,000+ customers across Europe. We work closely with our customers and partners in order to optimise our product and are pleased to bring our customers Avalara’s leading automated tax software for efficient calculations, compliance and reporting. We always put our customers first and this integration will help them focus on their core businesses objectives as they expand cross-border.”

Kevin Boland, VP Global Business Development at Avalara said, “Managing transactional taxes can be a burden on both finances and time. Avalara employs advanced technology and deep stores of statutory tax content, enabling businesses to automate indirect tax and compliance processes.  This helps speed transaction processing while reducing errors and audit exposure in a fast, easy and cost effective way.  We are pleased to welcome one of the foremost ecommerce platforms in Germany into our community and are excited to help our mutual merchants trade cross border.”

Avalara’s indirect tax compliance solutions provide businesses with a single user-friendly platform to manage key governmental compliance obligations, including tax determination, exemption certificate management and tax return preparation, filing and remittance. It serves tens of thousands of businesses globally and supports over 100 countries worldwide. Shopware is a highly flexible, powerful and customisable software solution that allows businesses to quickly and easily create an online shop, regardless of experience or business requirements. With over 32,000 customers, Shopware is a fast growing ecommerce platform in the European market.

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