ASG Technologies Enables Global Enterprises to Continuously Audit and Extract Actionable Insights from Content and Data with the New Release of Audit & Analytics Services

ASG Technologies, a trusted provider of proven solutions for information access, management and governance for the world’s top enterprises, has announced the new release of Audit & Analytics Services – a software component of ASG’s enterprise information management portfolio – to help organisations intelligently analyse disparate data sources, automatically identify and reconcile costly data anomalies, and maximise business performance.

The policy-based solution uniquely scales to automate extraction, verification and reconciliation rules to continuously audit and analyse diverse structured and unstructured sources regardless of type and volume. By discovering and alerting organisations to data patterns, deviations and inconsistencies in enterprise information, Audit & Analytics Services delivers the actionable insights needed to proactively seize business opportunities, protect businesses from fraud and abuse while maintaining compliance with regulations and organisational governance.

Audit & Analytics Services now offers advanced capabilities, including:

  • Big Data: Supports accessing and processing data from Apache Spark sources (e.g. HDFS XML/CSV/JSON, Hive, HBase) and utilising Spark’s multi-node architecture for distributed processing. This helps organisations not only extract more value from their Big Data sources, but to reliably analyse, identify and reconcile data issues across Spark and non-Spark data sources.
  • Data Extraction: Enables organisations to define and manage policy-driven data extraction rules and to export data for further processing. This makes it easy to unlock the value of data housed in a variety of high-volume sources for analysis, audit and compliance needs.
  • Data Visualization: Easily share the results data from Audit & Analytics Services with popular business intelligence tools such as Tableau and Qlik for intuitive data visualisation and analysis.

“The adoption of Big Data technologies to collect, store and process high volumes of data continues to grow,” said Marcus MacNeill, senior vice president of product management, ASG. “Big Data, of course, represents tremendous business opportunities, but only if organisations can readily extract value from this data at scale including reconciling it with traditional sources. Today, Audit & Analytics Services helps ASG customers systematically find, understand, trust and derive actionable insights from structured and unstructured sources to maximise business performance while ensuring sustainable compliance.”

Audit & Analytics Services complements ASG’s Mobius Content Services and Enterprise Data Intelligence solutions to effectively manage the information lifecycle from capture through understanding, and delivery via any device; comply with governance and regulations; and discover and analyse data for business insights that drive success.

Learn more about ASG’s Audit & Analytics Services.

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Editor in Chief: Wanda Rich

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