Around the World, how far can you get with £10?

Counting the coppers and enjoying time abroad are two things that every person would prefer to keep separate. So when it comes to going away, it’s always handy to know just how many day-to-day items you can get for your money.

That’s why International Currency Exchange have done some research and found out exactly how much beer, milk, bottled water, cigarettes and sun cream you can buy for £10, throughout the world.

CountryLocal Currency EquivalentBeers*Milk*Bottled waterCigarettes* Sun CreamBig Macs
Austria€ 12.873.89.414.
MexicoMEX$ 251.8210.21723.
New ZelandNZ$21.303.28.260.9713.6
South AfricaR215.431017.613.
United Arab Emirates52.19AED1.
United Kingdom£
United States$14.213.515.
  • Indication rates as of March 2016,

The research showed that while £10 may buy you 3.3 pints of beer here in the UK, in Vietnam, the same amount could buy you 21. Not only that, here in the UK, £10 could stretch as far as 11 bottles of water, while in the sweltering heat of Dubai, £10 will get you a mere 3.5 bottles.

Unsurprisingly, sun cream remained one item that boasted premium prices throughout the world, with Austria representing the worst value for money at 0.5 bottles per £10. For those looking to visit South East Asia, a better deal awaits with Thailand (3.7 bottles per £10) and Vietnam (2 bottles per £10) signifying some of the better deals available in today’s market.

For more tips on how you can save money while travelling, and to discover how much milk, beer, cigarettes, water and sun cream you can buy for £10, simply head to International Currency Exchange’s blog:

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