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If you are a regular credit card defaulter then here is an opportunity for people like you to avail a credit card which will help you improve your default rating.

Many a times you will be charged higher than the regular rate of interest basically to make you understand it is not a good habit to default on payment.

But at the same time you can continue usage of your credit card as per your requirement. For people like you we have another option which is known as prepaid credit card and it requires credit card holders to deposit a fixed amount in accordance with their respective credit limit into their account before they can start availing the benefits of their card. Advance payment will allow you to understand your credit limit better i.e how much amount of money you can spend at a given amount of time. There are a lot of companies that offer such kind of credit card facilities .If you are a regular credit card defaulter there are three things which you have to keep in mind:

  • How much amount of credit you can actually avail via credit card
  • In case you are not able to pay back in time what is the rate of interest that will be charged and also the time limit within which your bills have to be cleared
  • what is the least amount to be deposited for carrying forward your debt with the company.

This type of credit cards are aimed to help regular credit card defaulters to improve their credit card usage. This kind of credit card will allow you to maintain a balance between your expenditure and income at the same time providing you with funds when an actual crisis arises. It has become a habit with many credit card users to overuse there cards and get themselves entangled in the vicious cycle of debt and land up in financial crisis.

Do you have a bad credibility, but are in crisis? This problem can be solved using bad credit cash advance. This type of have great benefits to people having bad credit rating. This is an easy method for people having bad credit rating to support their home or business plans.

The rate varies from time to time depending on the mode of repayment and the amount and time taken for repayment.
There is a feature called APR it is basically a fixed amount to be deposited irrespective of the time chosen for repayment. This amount id nonrefundable even if the borrower is able to pay back before time. There are two types of bad credit cash advance:

  • secured bad credit cash advance: in this case for security the lender takes a collateral in the form of equity.
  • unsecured bad credit cash advance: in this case no collateral is required but the rate of interest is a lot higher and the repayment a bit tough.

So if any day you are hit by a crisis and you have a bad credit rating you can always rely on bad credit cash advance.

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