AnaGlobe Technology, Inc. Introduces New Developments for 2.5D/3D Packaging and New Features for GOLF and THUNDER

AnaGlobe Technology, Inc., a leader in layout integration solutions, is introducing new developments on Thunder for 2.5D/3D packaging Interposer Router, at the Design Automation Conference, June 24-28, San Francisco, CA. in Booth# 2340. This is the first dedicated Interposer Router with DRC violation-free in the industry. The new development has been adopted and endorsed by the world-wide technology leading package house.

In addition, GOLF (a versatile layout platform) and THUNDER (an ultimate system integration solution) will have more features and improvements to help customers complement existing design flows. The impressive performance of dealing with huge GDS/OASIS file, LVL, and IP merge has been proven to be one of the best tools with high C/P index by world-wide technology leading customers. This next generation of layout editor will be more powerful and smarter to significantly reduce turn-around time.

GOLF is a production-proven OpenAccess-based layout platform adopted by world-class companies of fabless design, layout and design services, foundries and flat panel display manufacturers.

GOLF features powerful layout viewing and editing functions, intuitive GUI, flexible customization and extension, with both simplicity in GUI and flexibility in design flows. Its API with C++/TCL/PERL/PYTHON interface (and more) helps users developing multiple applications. GOLF capabilities facilitate customization for different applications, such as custom layout functions, analog layout automation (schematic or constraint-driven), testchip structure layout automation (from PCell designer to IP block/component and chip-level layout) or panel-level layout integration and automation.

THUNDER™ is a versatile layout integration platform to support heavy layout handling efforts from post P&R, IP merge automation & management, physical ECO verification (XOR LVL, connectivity), DRC/LVS debugging interface, and in-line inspection for defect-to-layout mapping , failure analysis and chip-package integration, such as interposer vs. InFO RDL-routing, and pins connectivity. ThunderDB, the proprietary database, efficiently handles huge layout data with extreme performance of up to 600+GB GDS equivalent per minute. Users can perform big data analysis for further processing (3D-view, cross-section, density and wafer mapping), machine-learning based optimization, and manipulating data from GDS, OASIS, LEF/DEF, MEBES, OpenAccess and 3rd party tools output.

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