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Amazon reinforces the trust factor following privacy concerns



Amazon reinforces the trust factor following privacy concerns

Protecting consumers' privacy has always been the primary task of technology companies looking to establish a lasting relationship driven by trust. Recently, Amazon hit a step down on those lines when it breached certain privacy features, leading to an outcry from users.

Amazon's hardware chief David Limp spoke in front of the media expressing his concerns over privacy issues and his plans of offering legitimate solutions. Most of the concerns revolve around voice assistant of Alexa devices saying that the recordings were not private, and it breached their privacy settings.

Amazon is believed to be taking the privacy issues seriously and, it was reinforced via a presentation demonstrating a line of ground-breaking features enabling users' control over Alexa and its privacy settings like:

  • Auto-deleting recordings
  • Enabling users to keep a tab on preventing Alexa from turning on automatically
  • Enhanced privacy features for Ring home-security cameras

These are only a handful of privacy enhancements Amazon is inducing in the future models of Alexa.

Steering away from privacy issues in recent times, the circumstance reinforces the fact that these are serious problems that have started affecting the sales of Alexa and the brand's reputation. The fact that private conversations were easily available that was unknown to users shows the loopholes in the product's privacy features. Questions are arising from all corners voicing privacy concerns over Echo Dot Kids' Edition. Users', parents in particular, are curious in knowing how information is recorded and used.

Though the sales have not changed drastically, continued negligence on privacy fronts can see the trust factor dwindle soon. The team at Amazon have their task cut-out to stop customer complaints and soaring tempers and ensure the reputation of the brand. The team also understood the importance of addressing the issue publicly to retain the trust factor. With this bold step, Amazon has put the ball in consumers' court expecting a positive outcome.

Trust of the mass is important for any organization and, especially for Amazon at a time when it's on the verge of expanding its business on the global map. Amazon has a line of revolutionary products in place, with a mission to reach millions of customers worldwide. Their on-the-go products enabled by the ground-breaking Echo technology are the hallmark of the brand and, its crucial for Amazon to come out clean. This makes privacy concerns even more important than ever before.

With products like Echo Frames smart glasses, Echo Loop ring and Echo Buds wireless earbuds in the line, Amazon is committed on addressing and rectifying the privacy concerns by providing legitimate resolution to continue serving its global customers.

Amazon seems to have made a significant impact on those who attended the presentation. It has been a positive outcome for Amazon with its wise decision to address the issue openly rather than create chaos and confusion. It's a great effort by Amazon and the team doing everything possible in an organized way to cement their relationship with customers and with their trust factor with Alexa. Amazon now looks forward to enhancing privacy settings on innovative products to create a satisfying and safe user experience.

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