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AltFi Data has today announced that Assetz Capital, the leading UK SME secured lending originator, has been added to the AltFi Data Analytics platform. The entire lending track record of Assetz Capital can now be analysed according to AltFi Data’s established standards. This enables investors to perform like for like comparison of both return, and risk adjusted return, with the other marketplace lending platforms that provide standardised disclosure using AltFi Data Analytics. This includes Zopa, Funding Circle, Ratesetter and MarketInvoice in the UK, Prosper Marketplace in the USA, and Lendix in Europe.

The availability of standardised data facilitates due diligence, risk management and valuation and is driving adoption of the asset class. Furthermore, Assetz recognise the alignment with investors that can be created by facilitating verified disclosure to a common standard.

Stuart Law, founder and CEO of Assetz Capital, commented: “At Assetz, we recognise that full loan book disclosure underlines our commitment to originate high quality loans. We are comfortable being held accountable for the quality of our origination. This transparent disclosure can also greatly assist investor processes such as due diligence, valuation and risk management. Equally importantly, it reminds the lenders on our platform that our economic destiny is inextricably linked to the performance of the assets that we originate. We trust that our full disclosure and analysis through AltFi Data will further increase the attractiveness of the assets that we originate and it is appropriate to be recognised as a fellow leader of the industry and its quality standards.”

Rupert Taylor of AltFi Data explained: “Assetz should be commended for pushing the boundaries of transparency by facilitating verified disclosure to a common standard. Investors, including big institutions, recognise that this sector is originating assets with high expected returns and low expected correlation. But investors have established protocols regarding valuation, risk management and due diligence. Standardised metrics allow these assets to fit within these protocols and will encourage adoption of the asset class.”

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