AITHERAS announces a partnership with V5 Systems to expand public safety with federal and state agencies, local law enforcement and school campuses nationwide 

This new partnership authorizes AITHERAS LLC to be an official value-added reseller of V5 Systems’ cutting-edge, award-winning security solutions, which can be deployed where there is no connection to the electrical grid.

Located in the Washington DC Area, AITHERAS, a leading early technology adopter that offers innovative solutions at the federal level, announces a new partnership with V5 Systems, a California-based company that’s the industry leader in portable, wireless, self-powered security and computing devices for the outdoors.

As a technology leader, AITHERAS is always evaluating new market solutions, but is careful and selective when vetting new tech to ensure customers get to choose from the highest quality products. AITHERAS cemented the partnership due to V5 Systems’ security solutions, which have been validated in use and by 13 top technology awards to date, including three New Product of the Year awards from Security Today magazine and the “2017 Security’s Best Award” from ASIS, the leading organization for security professionals worldwide.

This partnership allows AITHERAS to quickly expand its security offerings to the outdoor security market. Adding surveillance to outdoor environments was previously limited by security products that require a fixed power source and cumbersome installation process. V5 Systems’ award-winning security solutions can be deployed where there is no connection to the electrical grid. As a result, public safety can be easily and rapidly expanded in outdoor areas where wired infrastructure does not exist. For example, smart cities can deploy and redeploy these self-powered devices to cover blind spots and outdoor events, as well as to track criminal activity wherever it moves.

Joseph T. Friend, SVP of Corporate Development at AITHERAS, said “We are very excited about our relationship with V5 Systems. We believe that the technology that V5 Systems has developed is cutting-edge for our customers and will provide comprehensive security and predictive analytics for potential breaches. We have never seen anything like this technology. Our partnership positions both companies to be on the leading edge of outdoor security.”

Shahid Nakhoda, the SVP of Business Development at V5 Systems, said, “AITHERAS is the type of partner that is extremely forward-thinking when it comes to technology adoption. Our shared values meant that we clicked right away. With them, we hope to take our turnkey security solutions to law enforcement professionals at the federal level in addition to state and local jurisdictions. Our partnership is not only focused on domestic defense, but also on securing our assets around the world.”

As a result of the partnership, AITHERAS will be able to provide full life-cycle support to V5 Systems’ industry-leading products.

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