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AI for Financial Industry: YUKKA Lab launches new Market Sentiment Analysis Tools

AI for Financial Industry: YUKKA Lab launches new Market Sentiment Analysis Tools

The YUKKA Lab News & Trend Lab are innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions that anticipate market trends by analysing financial news with the power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

indexBerlin, April, 18th 2018. YUKKA Lab, the FinTech startup for Augmented Language Intelligence and context-based sentiment analysis for the financial industry, launches their News & Trend Lab. The News & Trend Lab is a web based application that offers an organized and efficient real-time overview of topics and trends in financial news.

Visualisation of Sentiments and Early Warning

The company‘s unique semantic text analysis technology automatically detects, interprets and evaluates news content in English and German in real time. It allows users to reliably anticipate market moods, opinions and trends and adjust strategies accordingly.

Visualisation of Sentiments

The product YUKKA News & Trend Lab offers a visualisation of sentiments in an intuitive cockpit-style interface, for efficient information processing and easy interpreting of complex contexts and relations between markets, companies and its stakeholders. Multiple search and filter options facilitate access to all relevant topics, news and sentiment trend changes in one screen from the ever-increasing mass of financial and business news.

YUKKA Lab aggregates and analyzes more than 200,000 articles per day from more than 20,000 global sources including established news agencies like dpa-AFX, The Guardian, Dow Jones Newswire, Nasdaq GlobeNewswire, Business Wire, awp and others.

Early Warning System

The YUKKA Trend Lab uses these sentiment scores and proprietary arithmetical financial models that have been back-tested since 2005 to generate an early warning system for trends and trend reversals in stock markets.

Easy to understand and predictive insights for better informed decisions

The YUKKA News & Trend Lab consists of two elements: The News Lab with focus on the presentation of market events, stakeholders and interrelationships, including the sentiments. As well as the Trend Lab, which develops trend indicators and trading signals on the basis of self-developed financial models from the sentiments.

Features include:

-YUKKA News Boards with aggregated newsflow of all relevant market drivers, including positive, neutral or negative sentiments for indices, sectors and shares

-YUKKA News Networks visualising the interrelationships of events, trends, companies and stakeholders. Display of entities (companies, events, persons) from the text data for relevant goals

-Multiple search and filter options for periods, languages, sources, etc.

-My Portfolio: Personalised User Interface, to create watchlists and alerts

-Early warning system for trends and trend shifts at stock markets

Prices start at EUR 299 per month for News Lab, EUR 439,- per month for Trend Lab and EUR 549,- for both, News & Trend Lab. Prices for extended packages of YUKKA News & Trend Lab Cockpit and individual API solutions are based upon request.

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