• Asia Pacific Analytics, Social Media and Multilingual capability hub to create up to 550 jobs in Melbourne
  • Aegis to create an Asia Pacific (APAC) Business Process Outsourcing Centre of Excellence, supported by the Government of Victoria
  • Aegis to invest up to AUD 4 million to establish its APAC Centre of Excellence

Aegis Limited, a global outsourcing and technology services company announced that it is establishing its Asia Pacific hub for Analytics, Social Media and Multilingual Capabilities in Melbourne, Australia in collaboration with the Government of Victoria.  The new Center of Excellence is expected to generate up to 550 new jobs in Aegis Services Australia’s operations in Melbourne, doubling its current workforce, with an investment of up to $4 million.

The new Asia Pacific analytics, social media and multi-lingual capabilities hub will be equipped to provide a full range of business analytics, social media and multi-channel customer experience solutions across the value chain ranging from customer management, data management to social and digital media engagement, predictive and prescriptive analytics across multiple industries.

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine welcomed the announcement “This announcement is an example of the Victorian Coalition Government’s commitment to creating Victorian jobs and boosting our economy, as announced last week with the Victorian Jobs in the 21st Century plan,” Dr Napthine said.

“This significant expansion will mean a doubling of Aegis’ existing Victorian workforce and a substantial investment in training and up-skilling of Aegis Services Australia’s workforce.”

AEGIS TO ESTABLISH ASIA PACIFIC ANALYTICS, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MULTILINGUAL HUB IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 1 “Today’s announcement – proudly supported by the Victorian Coalition Government – is yet another vote of confidence in Melbourne and Victoria as a leader in financial and business services.

“The project also boosts Victoria’s already strong reputation as a destination for global investment. It represents another significant step towards a more diversified Victorian economy with strong services industries, and positions Victoria as a global business services center.”

Sandip Sen, Global CEO of Aegis, said that the local business is positioned for strong growth and welcomed the Victorian government’s support of its Australian business case. “We are very impressed at the proactive steps the Victorian Government takes to attract and grow international investment” said Mr Sen.

“Aegis’ Australian clients are seeking an increasing level of sophistication to their business processing requirements, delivered in a local context and embracing the full benefits of high value analytics, social media and multilingual services.  We chose Melbourne for its language capabilities, high-quality educational institutions, diverse skill base and the strong support provided by the Victorian government” he said, adding that Aegis is committed to investing strongly in Victoria. Furthermore, Victoria’s highly skilled workforce and mature service industry provides an opportunity to service  customer markets and segments , particularly in relation to knowledge or value added business services that are considered strategic to the business.

The capabilities that will be based at the Aegis’ Melbourne center will expand existing local skillsets in sales and marketing, customer management, multi-channel and lingual capabilities, social business, quality assurance and operations management, data management and analytics and larger scale BPM services.

AEGIS TO ESTABLISH ASIA PACIFIC ANALYTICS, SOCIAL MEDIA AND MULTILINGUAL HUB IN MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 2Anthony Seaegg, CEO of Aegis Australia Services said that Aegis is making significant investments to assist enterprises create an environment to harness their business performance through improved customer data management and intelligence.  “It is pleasing to receive the commitment of our parent company to establish its Asia Pacific Centre of Excellence in Melbourne, Victoria.  Melbourne is a compelling investment location for companies like ours for many reasons, and a competitive operating environment, excellent infrastructure and supportive government are only some of the reasons we presented as the pillars underpinning our business case” he said.

Aegis Australia provides strong local presence, commitment, industry knowledge, flexibility and ability to collaborate with the client’s ecosystem encompassing their end customer experience management. This strategic expansion will also act as a hub to penetrate newer segments and augment existing capabilities, thus further expanding Aegis’ Business Process Management initiatives which have already generated multiple Australian success stories

Since the acquisition of the UCMS Group in 2009, Aegis has become a preferred partner for many blue-chip companies that are looking for improved business outcomes and have created the platform to take the customer experience to the next level of excellence.

This expansion marks Victoria as a favorable hub for analytics, social media and multi-lingual capabilities.  Aegis is playing a pioneering role in driving this growth by investing in the local talent of Victoria.

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