Deception technology speeds time to detection for leading Trading Services Provider 

TrapX Security™, a global leader in deception-based advanced cyber security defence, today announced that ADG Holdings, a provider of proprietary trading and investment management services, has selected TrapXDeceptionGrid to strengthen the cyber security protection for its business critical assets.

 Greg Smart, Head of Technology at ADG Holdings in London comments: “As an electronic trading business, cyber security is an absolute priority. This is becoming more important as the threat landscape evolves and our company grows; the use of TrapX enables ADG to demonstrate due diligence as part of the cyber security measures we have in place. Having considered conventional cyber protection solutions, we soon realised it was time for a new approach which offers both visibility and fast detection if an attacker is inside the network. TrapX’sDeceptionGrid offered just that solution.”

 Unlike perimeter based solutions, TrapX’s deception based technology sits inside an organisation’s network and catches attackers who have slipped past these traditional security defences. TrapX provides a multi-layered approach designed to protect against advanced threats and deceive attackers with camouflaged ‘traps’, which emulate authentic IT assets such as workstations, servers or systems, and deception ‘tokens’ which are deployed within the infrastructure. Should an attacker perform stealth reconnaissance on the network, they will find these tokens and an alarm will be raised.

 Greg continues: “From an operational perspective there are significant advantages. We’re not deluged in data alerts, logs or false positives which, as a relatively small team, we simply wouldn’t have the time and resources to sift through. If an alert comes through, we know 100% that it’s a ‘true positive’ detection. DeceptionGrid has removed any blindspots in our cyber protection and we now have full visibility and intelligence on any kind of attack that would otherwise bypass traditional network defences.”

 Kevin Eley, VP Sales EMEA for TrapX comments “We’re delighted ADG Holdings has selected TrapX to bolster its cyber security defences. TrapX’s innovative approach enables organisations to turn the tables on the hackers and use deception techniques to their advantage, providing early detection of the lateral movement of attackers through their networks. This next generation approach provides both visibility on the early stages of an attack and actionable intelligence to prevent further incidents.”

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