A List Of Incredible Books That Can Change Your Perspective On Life

On days you feel uninspired and demotivated, a few moments of speculation with a good book in hand is enough to lift up your spirits and mood.

While some books entertain, some make you cry or laugh while some have the capability to speak directly to your souls and move us in a way that we could never imagine.

Here’s a list of some incredible books that are sure to change your perspective on life and make you question your existing ideals and beliefs.

  1. The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

This easy read will capture your mind and soul from the very first time you set your eyes on it. What begins as a simple journey of a shepherd boy who travels far and wide in search of worldly treasure transforms into a journey of self-discovery for the protagonist, Santiago. The book also features some inspiring quotes that will for sure change something inside you.

  1. The Stranger- Albert Camus 

If you’re constantly struggling with your past, present and future, The Stranger by Albert Camus would make you look at life realistically and differently. We as human beings run to pursue a materialistic existence little realizing the fact that all these things are essentially meaningless.

This masterpiece follows the conventions of the theatre of the absurd that sees human situation devoid of any real purpose.

  1. To Kill A Mocking Bird- Harper Lee

A book that goes beyond all social injustices, racism, cruelty and inequalities, To Kill A Mocking Bird will tell you push you towards realizing your true self. No matter how evil we think we are, there is an inherent trait of goodness in all of us. Through the character of Atticus, the novel dares to speak the truth in a world where people are too worried about public opinion and criticism.

  1. The Road Less Traveled- M Scott Peck 

M Scott Peck believes that human beings have an inevitable tendency to expect something for every favor that we lend to others and this is the root cause of all our problems. We can enter into fulfilling relationships with people only when we learn the art of giving without expecting and taking a “less traveled” approach towards the problems and challenges that we face.

  1. The Color Purple- Alice Walker

Color Purple is not only a must read for all the feminists of the world teaching them the power of unity and how women can endure immeasurable hardships if they have each other’s support but is also a book that will give you so many life lessons that its a suitable for anyone and everyone. The book aims to conveys the message that forgiveness is the key to inner peace, self-satisfaction and that God exists all around us, in happiness and in sorrows.

  1. The Book Thief- Markus Zusak

The Book Thief is a heart-wrenching story of a little girl set amidst Nazi Germany and how her passion for writing saved her from accepting the inevitability of death in the horrific times she was living in. Through the unfolding of events in the novel, we realize that quite often we take for granted, the things that we admire and love the most because when we’re stuck in atrocious times, it is the normal things that we miss the most!

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