Terre Gialle Residence & Resort is a picturesque estate covering almost 20 acres across some of the most pristine countryside Tuscany has to offer, combining both full and fractional ownership opportunities. Marketing Manager Simone Rossi explains more about the project, his role and the beautiful Tuscan lifestyle.

As Marketing Manager, what does your role include?

“I am responsible for promoting Terre Gialle Residence & Resort in the UK, whilst working closely with the Marketing Company Key Point Estates Limited to determine appropriate sales strategies in all market segments towards maximizing revenues. I also focus on creating lucrative sales targets and networking business relations to corporate clients, like airlines and tourist offices. I am always observing the market and identifying new trends whilst monitoring our main competitors.”

How did you become involved with Terre Gialle Residence & Resort?

“I currently work for the marketing company that has exclusivity for Terre Gialle Residence & Resort so it was a natural progression to come on board directly. I fell in love with the project as soon as I visited the estate and feel honoured to work for such a magnificent piece of Tuscan real estate.”

What does 2015 hold for the Italian property market?

“The real estate market in Italy was damaged during the 2008 crash and has been suffering in recent years, similarly to other European countries. However, there are a few regions in Italy, Tuscany included, that have been able to retain popularity in the international property market and this trend looks set to continue. If the first quarter of 2015 is as successful as the first quarter of 2014, then the Italian property market will be boasting an established achievement that is forecast to go from strength to strength.

“In relation to second home or holiday buyers, especially in areas of high historic and touristic interest where most buyers are cash purchasers, the market continues to be alive and appreciated. At a time when the Euro has weakened further still against both the U.S Dollar and the British Pound, the Italian property market could benefit from buyers from outside the Eurozone more readily able to purchase.”


With tourism at an all-time high, what is it about the region of Tuscany that continues to attract people from over the world?

“The Tuscan landscape is renowned globally, with its scenic beauty and historical eminence unparalleled, it is understandable that the region holds a special place in so many people’s hearts. There is so much to see and experience throughout the year here and the relaxed lifestyle synonymous with Tuscany continues to charm and entice tourists, both those that are arriving for the first time and those more regular visitors.

“Italians call this lifestyle ‘La Dolce Vita’, celebrating the pleasure of life and its simple luxury whilst indulging in the relaxed atmosphere to be found amongst Tuscany’s tranquil rolling hills. It is a way of life that everyone should experience, from the busy individual to families on their summer holidays. As well as exquisite countryside, Tuscany is also home to some of Italy’s most memorable cities including Florence, Pisa and Siena. It really should be top of the to-visit list if it isn’t already!”

Simone Rossi
Simone Rossi

Do you have a favourite element of the project/resort?

“I thoroughly enjoy my marketing role within Terre Gialle Residence & Resort as I can share with people why Tuscany is such an extraordinary place to visit, and the perfect setting for a second home. What I like most about the project is how it has developed and the real blend of historical and more modern characteristics throughout the estate. Combining both restored and brand new property, Terre Gialle Residence & Resort has something for everyone and represents the importance of Italy’s old and new within the region.“

What would be your advice for anyone looking to purchase property in Italy?

“Our main advice would be to ensure that anyone who is thinking of buying in Italy visits their region of interest and experiences all that it has to offer them. From historic sites to rural backdrops and coastal skylines, choose the location that is most desirable and research what property options are available there. We would also advise to enquire as to where there is a management company that performs routine supervision and management of the property to guarantee an enjoyable, hassle-free process.”

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