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  • Envirofone shares five tips to help reduce your monthly bill

Almost a quarter (24%) of Brits are scared to commit to long-term phone contracts, according to research by Envirofone

The phone recycler surveyed 1,020 UK mobile users*, and found that 23% of people opt for long-term contracts because they believe it is the only option, while 21% sign up to a deal but soon forget key details like which month their contract ends.

With a quarter of respondents (25%) wondering if there are cheaper options available and many looking to save money as the new year approaches, Richard Mavers, director of group marketing and online strategy at Envirofone has put together a list of five tips to help you reduce your monthly tariff:

Go SIM only

Buying your phone outright is a great way of saving money over the course of a standard 24-month contract. Although the initial cost of buying the handset might seem expensive, purchasing a SIM free phone gives you the chance to get a contract with plenty of data for a great price. Many providers have a range of SIM only offers available, so it's worth shopping around to find a great deal.

Call your provider at the end of your contract

Twenty percent of people are unaware of when they stop paying for their handset as part of their phone contract. At the end of a phone contract, you should have finished paying for the handset and be only paying for texts, minutes and data. Get in touch with your network provider to make sure your monthly payments have reduced – you might even be able to move onto a better SIM only deal.

Buy a refurbished handset

Purchasing a refurbished phone is a great way to save money and reduce your phone bill. Often, you can get yourself a pre-owned phone that is as good as new but for a fraction of the usual retail price. Refurbished phones from Envirofone also come with a 12 month warranty, for added peace of mind.

Make the most of data and WiFi

Many contracts nowadays come with unlimited texts and calls, however it's worth considering contracts that come with limited minutes and messages. These are often cheaper options and with apps like WhatsApp and Facetime, you might never need to send a text again!

Only pay for what you use

Paying close attention to how much data you use every month might not seem important, but it could help you to save money on your phone bill. If you have a phone contract with 10GB of data per month and you're only using 5GB of your allowance, contact your provider. They might be able to reduce your monthly allowance which will make your phone bill cheaper.

To view Envirofone's full range of refurbished phones, visit

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