The management of Viral Angels Credit Union is proud to announce that it now has more than 20,000 members. Viral Angels is an international investment network with members in more than 70 countries. Viral Angels invests actively in fast growing companies going to public markets.

“We’re in a very exciting stage of expansion, moving fast towards our next goals and we’re already starting to see the upside on investments made in early 2014” says Anthony Norman, CEO.

20,000 MEMBERS - VIRAL ANGELS REACHES ANOTHER MILESTONE 1Some of the recent investments include businesses such as Best of All Worlds, Athabasca Resources and Fantrac.

Best of All Worlds

The social network Best Of All Worlds aims to be the ultimate discovery and matching platform for people, products and services available online. BOAW enables its members to navigate and leverage the relevant collective intelligence of the trusted few, rather than the “wisdom of the crowd”. Best of all Worlds is founded by Erik Wachtmeister and Louise Wachtmeister, both pioneers in social media as founders of ASMALLWORLD, an exclusive, invitation-only social media network community.

Athabasca Resources Limited

Listing on the AIM market in London in September this year, the British energy and resource company Athabasca Resources Limited (“ARL”). ARL has entered into agreements to acquire a 50% farm-in interest (“the Farm In”) with Nordic Petroleum AS (“Nordic”) in four Alberta Crown Leases covering 7,936 hectares in the Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada (“the Chard Leases”). ARL is negotiating an exclusive license/joint venture with Oil Recovery Services Limited, (”ORS”) which owns technology and know how that may enable oil recovery (at significantly reduced cost) from the oil sands without the need for steam injection using organic enzymes which are environmentally neutral and that do not leave a carbon footprint. ORS’s technology is already in use in the Bahamas with a major international oil company where it is being deployed in oil remediation and waste recovery.

Fantrac Global Limited

Fantrac, a media platform offering celebrities, musicians, sports stars and teams the opportunity to significantly recoup on their online commercial value through their very own fan club. Fantrac is a full subscription service allowing fans access to exclusive content, a community of like-minded people and a live footprint of their idol’s daily activity. Fantrac seeks to reconnect fans and celebrities through a subscription based service that expands and monetizes fan demand for Celebrity content.

20,000 MEMBERS - VIRAL ANGELS REACHES ANOTHER MILESTONE 2In addition to its investment activities, Viral Angels regularly organizes seminars, lectures and activities in various forms for its members. Each month there are a number of events around European cities.

“Viral Angels has already proven to be a success story, not only in Sweden but all across Europe and other countries. We predict reaching 30,000 members before the end of 2014” says Anthony Norman.

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