What Is True Key?

True Key is an Intel password management software that can be used for both mobiles and PCs. Though a password management is not a new concept and has been there for some years now, True Key has many features which are novel and exciting. It is also extremely reliable as the product comes from a big corporation. This password manager acts in the background and can generate and store passwords for website and apps that you work with.

How does True Key work?
True Key is a software for password management which can protect your passwords using an encryption algorithm like AES-256. Created by McAfee and marketed by Intel, this program helps to encrypt and decrypt data. Instead of having to remember all the passwords of the various apps and websites that you use on your device, True Key remembers it for you. Unlike other password management programs where the master password has to be remembered, you can log in to your sites and apps using fingerprint or face recognition features. The True Key app works in the background and stores all the password that you use on sites and you will not need to remember any of them. They seamlessly integrate and sync with most of the popular browsers. The program can store up to 15 passwords for free, the True Key also has a premium version that can store unlimited number of passwords.
This program comes as a package along with Adobe software if you choose the ‘opt-out option’ and comes pre-installed on Windows machines as per Intel-Adobe agreement. It can also be downloaded from the Intel Website or other application stores.

Advantages of True Key

1. Though a new product compared to other already existing ones, the major advantage it offers is that it has a user-friendly interface and has an efficient cross-platform synchronization, unlike its competitors.
2. It can be installed on various devices like laptops, desktops and mobile devices and also on Windows and iOS.
3. Has triple authentication which accepts face recognition if your device has a camera, fingerprint if the device has a scanner or password.
4. Developed by Intel, they can invest in research and make it compatible with various authentication forms.
5. The program has a helpful wizard, which brings you to speed on the various websites and explains what you have to do. All you have to do is to log in and it captures the credentials and stores them, the next time you visit the site, True Key ensures that you get automatically logged in.

The major advantage of this password manager over its competitors is that you don’t have to remember the master password. In other programs if you lose the password access to all other apps and websites in the device is lost, but no so in case of True Key as there are various authentication alternatives available. Based on the device you have, fingerprint or face recognition can be used along with Master password for authentication. Moreover, for added security, you can combine authentication too making it an effective password manager.

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