Brian Vosberg CFP®, ChFC, CLU, EA, wealth manager, shares his unique expertise in new book, uncovering little-known facts about maximizing Social Security Benefits

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Brian Vosberg has just launched a new book designed to give retirees and near-retirees the necessary information to get the most out of social security benefits. As founder and president of Vosberg & Associates (www.VosbergAssociates.com), he calls upon years of hands-on, professional experience to help people avoid outliving their money. “The Complete Retiree’s Guide to Social Security” is available now on Amazon.

"The Complete Retiree's Guide To Social Security" Helps Older Americans Make The Best Financial Decisions As Retirement Approaches
“The Complete Retiree’s Guide To Social Security” Helps Older Americans Make The Best Financial Decisions As Retirement Approaches

“Timing is everything when it comes to social security benefits,” explains Vosberg. “Waiting until full retirement age (FRA) to collect will provide you with 100% of your benefits; waiting longer will give you even more. Keep in mind, though, that this decision is final.”

Retirees are often unaware of the many options they have when it comes time to collect their benefits. They may believe that filing on themselves and filing on their spouse are their only choices, when in fact most people have 12 or more options. Vosberg’s book discusses the pros and cons of each of these filing methods, identifying the scenarios where one method is clearly preferable to another.

“Benjamin Franklin said that death and taxes were the only certainties in life, but retirees have the right to minimize their tax burden. Unfortunately, many older Americans don’t take this into account, assuming that social security income is forever and always tax exempt. That may be the case at first, but certain situations can lead to the IRS eyeing as much as 85% of Social Security as taxable income,” explained Vosberg.

“Penalties can also apply when an individual works while drawing Social Security. Retirees must carefully weigh the risks and benefits of various income choices; that’s one of our specialties at Vosberg & Associates, and it’s what I hope readers can glean from ‘The Complete Retiree’s Guide to Social Security.'”

In his ten-plus years of serving a diverse group of clients, Vosberg has proven time and again his aptitude for seeing opportunity where others see only threats. “The retirement income gap is certainly one of the greatest challenges older Americans faces, especially when they’ve put off planning until the 11th hour. Fortunately, even then, there are tools available to ensure a secure, stable income throughout retirement. Social Security provides that kind of security for all Americans, so long as they know how best to use it.”

Vosberg boasts the necessary credentials to position himself and his firm as a resource for financial planning, investment and retirement situations. He holds Series 6, 7, 24 and 63 securities registrations, a California insurance license, a real estate broker’s license, and is an enrolled agent with the IRS.

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