Smart Communications, a division of Thunderhead, continues to lead innovation in Customer Communications Management with the next release confirmed for September 2016 focusing on enhancements to user experience, platform integration capabilities and enterprise-scalability.

Smart Communications has today announced the availability in September this year of the next version of their enterprise solution for Customer Communications Management. The pioneering Smart Communications solution for customer communications and correspondence management is the only enterprise-class solution to offer pure cloud deployment in a secure multi-tenant SaaS environment.

The September release will introduce a range of enhancements that will further improve the user experience for the 300+ brands already using Smart Communications. Customers will benefit from a new and innovative user interface that will help bring even more consistency and efficiency to the design process to further reduce the development time for new customer communications.

In addition, this release will add features to enable faster and easier integration with customer and ecosystem partner applications with improvements to the already extensive Smart Communications API set. These features will allow organizations to quickly deploy Smart Communications with ease across additional parts of the business and help partners quickly provide a scalable, enterprise correspondence capability that’s fully integrated into their core platform offering.

The release will also see enhancements to the enterprise-class capabilities for Smart Communications such as:

  • Enhanced capabilities for public-private document collaboration to support collaborative document negotiation
  • Enhanced approval and project workflow to shorten template development times
  • Enhancements to the Draft Editor module with improved document comparison features

“Designing multi-channel communications is an involved process, with complex business requirements, multiple parties, compliance, and branding all having an impact.  This release is an illustration of our continued passion and commitment for user experience, making it possible for any business user to efficiently design, review, approve and collaborate on business communications that are multi-channel, multi-jurisdictional and in compliance,” said Stephen Krajewski, Vice-President of Smart Communications Product Marketing. “In addition to improving the user experience, we’re making significant enhancements to the enterprise and ecosystem credentials of the solution with more advanced collaboration and platform integration capabilities.  These improvements demonstrate our ongoing commitment to leading the market with not just the best but the only enterprise-class SaaS solution for customer communications available today.”

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