Technology speeds up paper-based processes through automating the capture of documents to enable businesses to deliver a truly connected digital customer experiences

  • Lexmark International, Inc., a global imaging solutions leader, today announced the European launch of smart capture solutions designed specifically to address the needs of businesses and their customers in the banking, insurance and retail sectors.
  • The new range of industry-dedicated solutions are accessed through the touch screen interface of a Lexmark smart multifunction printer (MFP) which acts as a gateway to a business’s core systems. The new solutions streamline, digitise and simplify information management helping enterprises to capture customer data and process and validate it quickly.

Tailored to the needs of professionals working in banking, insurance and retail environments, the smart capture capabilities require minimal training for enterprise-wide use and make it very easy to integrate information and documents captured at remote locations.

Industry-specific solution platforms

  • Lexmark In-Store Capture for Retail, available from 27th of September 2017, was developed to specifically simplify and speed up inefficient paper-based processes including customer onboarding, invoicing, receiving and incident reporting, to ensure shop staff remain on the sales floor interacting with customers. Direct integration with most store and back-end retail systems ensures that Lexmark In-Store Capture is an enterprise-ready solution.
  • Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Banking, available from 4th. October 2017, streamlines paper-based processes within a branch, helping banks improve customer service, accuracy, and compliance. Implementing the system automates paper-based processes by leveraging an onsite Lexmark MFP to add intelligence to the onboarding process as documents are collected from the customer. This ensures that customers can easily and quickly open new accounts, get a loan approved, apply for a mortgage, while staying informed throughout the process.
  • Lexmark Smart Document Capture for Insurance, available from 11th of October 2017, uses the functionality of the Lexmark smart MFP to help insurers digitise key processes to better serve customers, gain efficiencies and ensure compliance. This enables insurance professionals to provide a connected, digital experience by effectively and efficiently capturing and processing paper forms and documents and quickly inserting them into existing systems to streamline digital business processes.