How does FIBO Group set themselves apart from their competitors?
FIBO Group has been in the market since 1998. We’ve experienced many market changes with different generations of traders. We’ve built trust and delivered the best variety of trading services, and we’ve never stopped developing. We find our success is the clients’ success. We have the client as our number one priority at all times and that is the reason for our successful positioning in the market. Kate

We focus on the long-term cooperation with our clients, providing the most convenient and reliable service. Our main goal is a high quality of customer service. We are interested in smart clients trading with us for years and making money together with us in the Forex market. We constantly conduct workshops offering the author’s methods and instruments for market analysis and are pleased to share our developments.

From the very first day we had a policy of disclosure and transparency, our experts and management are in constant dialogue with our clients, considering their comments and requests. We use this feedback in order to actively improve our services, to try to make trading and money making in Forex successful for our clients.

What initiatives have led to FIBO Groups success?
We were pioneers in the market who developed the latest technology, trading conditions and platforms, connecting them with the biggest liquidity pools in the world.

We are always on the cutting edge of progress having an old and very close relationship with trading platform developers. A specialization process is going on in the Forex market, and if we could afford to develop our own trading platforms before, today, we prefer to work with the specialists and set the branch standards together. The developers are aware of our customer’s requests and demands, so the clients are able to influence a process of trading platform development to make them more convenient and efficient.

In turn, we focus more on the customer service aspect, providing a full set of necessary instruments for successful trading in Forex. We gather the best offers existing in the market, regarding not only trading platforms, but information resources, analytical and financial services. Then we create individual offers for our clients that consider all the peculiarities of trading as well as the local legislation and financial regulation.

What advice would you give beginner traders?
Don’t quit! So many people give up right before their success comes.

This means that traders should constantly improve themselves, learn and try new strategies. Our company has always helped and will continue to help on this issue. Beginners can use demo accounts in order to polish their skills and then invest real money in the Forex market. Our clients know that we always encourage the use of demo accounts in order to check their strategies and robots for automatic trading. Our goal is to make a convenient and efficient service, not only for trading on real accounts, but also the training process on demo accounts.

I would advise beginner traders to learn to control their emotions and assess their losses and especially their gains rationally. This will help them to get a necessary stability in investing, to find an individual style.

Money management principles should also be kept in mind as unwarranted risk play, as a rule, fails. I would like to remind our clients that we keep a high level of initial deposit for this aim and limit the leverage amount to keep beginner clients from high risk strategies. .

What programs or affiliated services do you offer traders?
We have great expansion plans for this year. Our international clients will feel a big difference and further improvement to our services and products, and certainly everyone trading with FIBO will have a unique opportunity to take part in various bonus and promotional programs this year.

This year will be an anniversary one for the company. We will offer our existing clients, and clients to be, many reward programs and continue to improve our services. We have several interesting projects allowing us to make work in the Forex market easier and more efficient.

What can our readers expect from FIBO Group in 2013?
In 2013 we will continue to develop our company information services, paying a special and close attention to analytical support for our clients. Everyone will be able to find the necessary information, from serious analytics on market movements to discussions on the market issues. Trading does not include important and minor questions, everything is important, and our company analytical conclusions will always answer the critical questions.




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