iMeta Technologies Ltd., a leader in On-boarding and Client Life cycle management technology for financial institutions, has launched a video animation on Client On-boarding for financial institutions.

In the video, iMeta describes the challenges investment banks and capital market firms have when on-boarding new and existing clients, such as:

  • mounting global regulations and compliance requirements
  • outdated and inflexible legacy technology systems
  • manual processes and paper based systems
  • cross functional processes and operational inefficiencies
  • multiple geographical jurisdiction trading environments

The animation outlines how iMeta’s Assassin platform can manage these inefficiencies and challenges through the whole customer life cycle. Supporting regulations covering AML and KYC, OTC regulations such as Dodd Frank and EMIR, taxation such as FATCA, and operational data such as accounts and SSI’s; Assassin delivers a complete end-to end solution for Client on-boarding and entity data management.

Ben Marsh, CEO iMeta Technologies commented, “With increasing market and regulatory pressure on operations teams to manage complex processes, we really wanted to create a video which visually explains these pressures and how our Assassin platform can automate the labyrinth of multiple data management actions required – providing a single source of truth throughout the organisation.”

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