How does WhatsApp work?

In the year 2009, An upheaval begun by the name of WhatsApp which totally changed the meaning of “what’s up”!

What is Whatsapp?

Established by Yahoo’s ex-workers Jan Koum and Brian Acton, WhatsApp is a personal messaging application for cell phones and work areas. WhatsApp utilizes the web to send messages, pictures, sound or video. The administration is fundamentally the same as content informing administrations, nonetheless, in light of the fact that it utilizes web the expense of utilizing WhatsApp is less as compared to the traditional method of sharing information.

Some Facts About Whatsapp

As per an exploration, WhatsApp includes 1 million clients consistently to their stage. 70% of the clients are dynamic regularly, its additionally the fifth most downloaded application on Android. The exploration additionally demonstrates that it has around 450 million dynamic clients over the globe! Developing prominence of WhatsApp made Facebook secure it in the year 2014 with a $19 billion arrangement.

Being such a shocking wonder, WhatsApp pulls in a ton of interest around it, which prompts the inquiry – how does it really work? Is it that basic and direct or we as a client don’t really think about the complexities.

Let us understand the working of it from a user’s perspective as well as from the app’s perspective: –

Steps Required

  • All you need to become a WhatsApp client is web in 2G/3G information arrangement or Wi-Fi.
  • For joining/signup you require your mobile phone number.
  • After the joining WhatsApp analyses clients contacts records on their phone and sees whether they have any companions who have the application and are clients of it.
  • These numbers are then consequently included onto their WhatsApp account enabling them to visit, send messages for nothing through the application.
  • WhatsApp utilizes an end to end encryption to keep the messages secure.
  • It additionally has highlights, for example, voice calls, video calls and emojis.

How WhatsApp messenger works technically can be understood in four sub-headings[1]

  1. Insights on information move in WhatsApp

WhatsApp oversees more than 50 billion messages every day. The way to smooth information handling lies with the message line length which is observed.

In the event of sight and sound messages, (sound, video, or picture) are transferred into a HTTP server and are connected with the substance and afterward sent to the recipient as a thumbnail. In light of the client’s inclination the substance can either be seen or disposed of.

  1. Protocol utilized by WhatsApp

As and when message is sent, it is lined on the server. The message holds up in the line until the beneficiary reconnects to get the message. When the message is conveyed, the beneficiary gets the opportunity to see a two-fold checked stamp. After conveyance, messages are right away erased from the server memory. Right now, cancellation from server memory encourages WhatsApp to downplay its assets.

  1. Registration procedure of WhatsApp

Clients can enlist for WhatsApp by entering their portable number. On entering the number, the client will be sent an OTP which once checked by the gadget will start the client to utilize the visit screen.

  1. Database Management

Mnesia DB handles the hard-core assignment of database the executives. Mnesia is a multiuser disseminated DBMS which additionally happens to be the default DB of ERLANG. Mnesia accomplishes faster demand reactions, in this way enhancing the general proficiency.

WhatsApp right now has a worker base of 50 individuals, out of which 32 representatives are engineers and every single one of them (engineers) is in charge of taking care of 14 million dynamic clients! WhatsApp likewise pursues a convention of not moving advertisements and it additionally burns through zero money on promoting, PR and client securing.


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