Homelyfe launches B2B platform Aventus to connect the digital marketplace

By Peter Goodman

Insurtech start-up Homelyfe, which announced a partnership with ING’s smart money app Yolt last week, has launched a new digital insurance platform.

The Aventus platform allows challenger and retail banks to integrate with any insurer and create a seamless buying experience for any insurance line, in any digital environment, at start-up speed.

Homelyfe was founded in 2015, with a mission to make insurance simple and customer-centric by streamlining the quote process.  It was built on the Aventus platform to showcase the technology and demonstrate the power of its data-driven approach.

The team is now collaborating with banks to enable them to integrate seamlessly with trusted insurance brands through the Aventus platform.  As an insurer-agnostic platform, Aventus connects the digital marketplace, empowering banks to integrate with any insurer and pass first-party data securely and compliantly.  The platform also leverages third-party data to augment question sets and ensure that banks can offerany insurance line in the most frictionless way possible.

Peter Goodman, CEO and co-founder, Homelyfe comments: “We’re delighted to announce our evolution into the B2B market with the launch of Aventus.  My previous venture was ultimately acquired by Salesforce, and our vision is to do for insurance buying what Salesforce did for CRM.  Salesforce has created a platform that enables businesses to build, develop and digitise their business, and the Aventus platform allows an old industry to innovate at start-up speed.”


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