Getting access via one simple touch: TrustBuilder updates its Identity Hub to version 9.2

TrustBuilder’s newest update grants mobile users rapid access via push-authentication and user-friendly finger print scan

TrustBuilder, the European Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution provider, has introduced the latest update to its flagship identity and access management tool, the TrustBuilder Identity Hub (TrustBuilder IDHub). The new features can be used to add simple user access and security to banking apps and payment services.

The TrustBuilder IDHub is a highly effective, user friendly and trustworthy IAM tool that combines attribute-based access control with cloud identity management.

The new version introduces wider support across the most recognised and trusted authentication protocols, while adding two new user friendly features for TrustBuilder’s mobile application, TrustBuilder for Mobile – push-authentication and fingerprint scan access.

From now on, the TrustBuilder IDHub can be accessed on a mobile device via a simple finger print scan. Considering mobile devices’ trend towards embedded fingerprint sensors, this update is designed to let users replace their often difficult to remember passwords with a simpler solution: their fingerprint.

TrustbuilderWith the new fingerprint scanning support, the IAM application is one of true two-factor authentication, combining something the user owns – the smartphone – with something the user is highly identifiable with – the fingerprint.

When a user tries to log onto a company’s application that is protected by the TrustBuilder IDHub, the user will be invited to activate the TrustBuilder for Mobile application. Once the application is activated, the user simply touches the fingerprint reader on the mobile device. This easy tap confirms the user’s authorization to login to the protected application – rapid, user-friendly, but nevertheless highly secure.

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TrustBuilder Identity Hub version 9.2 also introduces:

  • OAuth & OIDC
    TrustBuilder IDHub now has the widest support for these specifications compared to competing products currently on the market
  • eiDAS
    TrustBuilder IDHub has added support for eiDAS initiatives like ITSME, eHerkenning, and DigiD. Having created the platform for such identity services, other European initiatives are soon to follow
  • SAML
    Extended support for SAML with Artefact and Attribute Consuming Services. This latter service allows SAML IdPs and SPs to exchanges user attributes in a more controlled way
  • Identity Provider Framework
    TrustBuilder IDHub customers can now expose their in-house Identity and Authentication services to corporate customers and partners via federated protocols like OAuth, OIDC and SAML
  • FIDO
    TrustBuilder IDHub now supports FIDO 1.0. FIDO 2.0 support soon.
  • Embedded Monitoring
    TrustBuilder IDHub comes out-of-the-box with an embedded solution for collecting, storing, analysing and reporting on events
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