Fineon Exchange announces strategic collaboration with Aon Optimising Export Finance efficiency with the addition of Credit Insurance

London October 30th, 2019Fineon Exchange (Fineon), the go-to online marketplace platform for export finance, today announced the appointment of Aon Credit Solutions (Aon), the industry leader in credit insurance broking and credit management services, as credit insurance broker and advisor for its recently launched Export Finance Platform.

Fineon Exchange announces strategic collaboration with Aon Optimising Export Finance efficiency with the addition of Credit Insurance

Fineon2The initiative also includes a strategic collaboration with Aon to offer enhanced automated delivery of credit solutions.

Adding Aon’s credit insurance expertise to the Fineon Export Finance Platform enables Exporters, Banks and Non-Bank Funders to access bespoke credit insurance solutions to mitigate risk and facilitate the financing of cross-border trade; championing the industry-wide initiative to promote the merging of insurance, finance and technology as a force for driving greater productivity and industrial growth in the market.

The Fineon online export finance marketplace platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to efficiently match Exporters with the right Funders and Credit Insurers to facilitate best-in-class export finance solutions. The bespoke trade credit insurance offering will facilitate exporters to reach new markets, access new sources of export finance and securely execute cross-border trade.

Fineon3Michel Kilzi, Managing Partner at Fineon Exchange said: “Credit insurance is a strategic component within our Export Finance Platform as it provides both risk mitigation for Exporters and capital relief for funders, thereby enabling us to produce blended optimised export finance solutions for our European Exporter client base. He added “In Aon we have chosen the market leading credit insurance broker with a wealth of industry expertise and know-how that can help develop our mutual businesses and grow market share through our fintech platform.”

Aon, via the Fineon Platform, will be able to offer clients a simplified and more comprehensive trade finance experience benefiting from cost of funds optimisation, efficient cash flow generation and risk mitigation.

Fineon4Stuart Lawson, Chief Executive Officer at Aon Credit Solutions said: “The convergence between insurance and funding is becoming more apparent and is increasingly the direction of travel for our business. More than 50% of our new business enquiries are linked to a financing motivation and objective. Our collaboration with Fineon Exchange fits perfectly with this trend. Through the Fineon Platform we will see the further coming together of credit insurance and funding. He added “We encourage this and are ready to respond to the credit insurance needs of the Banks/Funders and Exporters via the Platform.”

Fineon Exchange, as a collaborative export finance marketplace,brings increased, improved and secure export receivables financing; providing both short term and medium to long term trade financing products.

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