Finance internships: How much experience do you need beforehand

An internship is a period of experience with a particular organization or in a specific field. Although in today’s world of competition to rely solely upon the wait for the right internship can beat you in your game.  Your peers are constantly preparing themselves for market by engaging in different activities and training.  Internship in the field Of Finance is comparatively more demanding of their interns. There are a dress-codes and presentation skill which an intern should master upon. Internships were introduced with the concept of providing beforehand experience to the students. It is an introduction to employment sector but today students are required to have preset of skills and experience before applying to any internship. Intimidating yes but internship let us explore our deep buried skills and talents. Few areas of experience are so tough on the fresher that a fresher learns to put their frustration aside.

An internship comes with several opportunities and adversities but the call should be to continue with the work. One needs to keep in their mind that Internship is just an experience that makes us aware of the workings of a field. To explore our limits and self-capabilities one should get involved in as many Internship as possible before seeking for a permanent Job.

Several shortcuts can be taken to match the criteria of internship eligibility offered by the desired company. No top organization will want their interns to be completely clueless. They can’t afford a student’s experiment with their career. Asking for pre-internship experience is their one way of ensuring that you are comfortable with an area of working and its demand.

In-college experience

Universities and colleges sprinkle upon us lots of opportunities to learn and gain experience. Through plenty of Fests, Congress and meets, colleges let us come out of our classrooms and interact with more experienced personalities. Performing during graduation is one way to gain experience and make resume stronger. Students from streams like BBA and B.Com have Finance as their core subject, focusing on which can open many doors in future.

Internships with Entrepreneur and Start-ups

As mentioned before, interning under a well-established organization can be a back-breaking task. It is wiser to start first with an organization which is new on the market too. This helps the student in a way that both the intern and the one hiring will welcome each other and let the other party know the demands. For the organization which is hiring, Interns are right candidates to analyze the psyche of the prospective employee and vice-versa. Initially, the stipend will be less and efforts will be more but it is always worth it to put your 100%.

Practical knowledge of Syllabus

You may be a 9 pointer but without any practical knowledge, you are of no use to the company. No one needs a bookish definition of a term until unless you actually are aware of its details.  For instance, a bookish definition of balance sheet does not mean anything till you know how to balance it.  The logic that follows this requirement is very practical. Internship in a training period, without having practical knack you won’t stand a chance despite your degrees and certificates.

Right-Track Internship

Finance is a sector which demands commitment and perfection. Usually, in this field, a third- party (customer) is involved. There is no room for mistake. So, to step into the field of Finance it is advisable for the students to work in the same field since the beginning. This not only adds credibility to your portfolio but also makes you market ready.