Brits not splashing holiday cash

  • More than a quarter (26%) of Brits are exchanging left over holiday currency back into sterling this year, compared to only 13% in 2017
  • 12% are still wasting leftover currency on tat at the airport

With holiday season in full swing, Debenhams Personal Finance reveal what is really happening with our left-over travel money when we return from our jollies.

A survey commissioned by Debenhams Personal Finance* found that Brits are getting savvier with their left-over currency, with over a quarter (26%) of us exchanging our holiday cash back into sterling this year, compared to just 13% of us in 2017.

However, despite some Brits being more conscious of wasting their leftover holiday money, research shows that one in eight of us are still choosing to splurge at the airport, buying items to avoid the hassle of bringing back unwanted currency and loose change.

Akhil Shah, spokesperson for Debenhams Personal Finance said: “As a nation, it’s great to see that more of us are using our leftover currency wisely compared to last year. With the average Brit bringing back up to £100 of unused currency, it can all add up if we choose not to throw it away at the airport.”

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“Debenhams Personal Finance aims to give your leftover currency real value by offering customers an extra 20% when loading their spare holiday money onto a Debenhams gift card, meaning you can enjoy a £120 gift card to spend on what you really need.”

For more information on how to load your leftover travel money onto a Debenhams Gift Card, visit

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