5th Annual Optimise Retail Deposits and Savings

This marcus evans conference will enable institutions to adapt their deposit strategies to attract customers in the current low interest rate environment, while preparing for impending rises to rates. They will learn the best strategies to price deposits effectively, and adapt their product strategies to be prepared for the impact of further regulatory changes, such as open banking and PSDII. Finally, they will learn how to best incorporate non-traditional savings products into strategies to best understand and meet the needs of their customers.

Attending this Conference will enable you to:

  • Navigate the current interest rate environment and prepare for rising rates
  • Incorporate effective pricing strategies to best attract and retain customers
  • Prepare the deposit portfolio and infrastructure for open banking and PSDII
  • Manage customer relationships to increase customer loyalty
  • Introduce wealth management products to meet the needs of the customers

For more information please visit the event website or contact Yiota Andreou  at yiotaa@marcusevanscy.com


5th Annual Optimise Retail Deposits and Savings
5th Annual Optimise Retail Deposits and Savings


Apr 23 2018 – Apr 25 2018