What are the future growth prospects of Morocco’s economy?

Apart from the bigger economies, other countries are also taking a stride and venturing into capital market to reach out to the global forum. Another nation trying to grow and prosper in its capital market is Morocco. It is evolving as a prominent property investment hotspot. The Moroccan infrastructure is considered of carrying the highest standards with high quality and competitive prices at the same time. It also boasts of top quality property in 5 star luxury resorts.

The development of Moroccan infrastructure is basically due to the deep interest of the Monarch of the Kingdom of Morocco Mohammad VI and the country’s government.  The Moroccan economy is also being featured as one of the best performed economy in recent times; the secret behind the flourishing economy is the valued government policies and reforms aimed at modernization. They are receiving appreciation from the favourable market conditions and macro economic modernization.

The growth of the economy can be perceived from the fact that there has been a substantial improvement in the country’s GDP by about 2.9% a year since 2001. The economy has further progressed and the year 2006 had showed vast improvement in country’s GDP amounting to about 8.1%. The various sectors adding feathers to country’s economy are: agriculture, banking, stock markets, insurance, and transport, respectively. With the introduction of new policies by the government, even the tourism and construction industry has witnessed a major improvement in recent years.

The Moroccan government have renewed various policies and introduced various legislative reforms in the banking sector. Unlike other countries raising the interest rates, Morocco has shown depreciation in the interest rates since 2006 and has also given apt space to small and medium sized enterprises by providing them the required finances.  There are not many banks in Morocco, but plans are on and establishment of many more banks are in the pipeline.  Apart from banks, real estate sector is also a preferred sector which the government is aiming to improve.

The performance of Casablanca stock exchange has garnered attention in the past few years and many IPOs have come up since which account for a profitable investment avenue. This market promises of excess liquidity which gives ample opportunities to the investor to invest in the capital market.

With the spread of information on the insurance sector, the Moroccans are also paying quite a lot of attention to the insurance sector. In terms of reach, the Moroccan insurance industry is the second largest insurance market in the African continent.

The tourism industry is one of the important sectors for a nation to flourish and build links with other countries. The tourism industry involves road links, airports, accommodation etc. Other areas that has given a boost to the Moroccan tourism industry is cheaper flights, improved airport services, and improved rail and road links.