VPBank is deploying online unsecured overdraft service for a specific group of customers who have salary account at VPBank.

Overdraft is a loan granted on a current account for the customer to exceed the balance on his/her account. The customer owes an interest on the amount taken. Online underwriting limit of this product is from VND 10 – 20 million, depending on the salary of customer. The limit can be raised to VND 200 million if customers apply at the counter.

Conditions for online overdraft approval: 

  • Have salary account at VPBank
  • Work at the following organizations: Hanoi Public Security Department, VCCORP Company, Wondo Company, Nhabe Garment Corporation, Dong Anh Footwear Joint Stock Company.

Product benefits:VPBank approves unsecured overdraft online

  • Get money within 10 minutes after online registration
  • No need to prove collateral
  • Withdraw money at ATM or transfer money as normal debit account
  • No interest if refund on the same day
  • Register anytime, anywhere, with internet-connected device
  • Easy expenditure management
  • Collect debt automatically

This product is suitable for customers:

  • Need to address urgent personal spending, flexible capital demand
  • Can manage the solvency
  • Do not have time to apply at the counter

Interest charge based on the loan amount and actual loan period

Interest/month = Σ (actual loan amount * overdraft interest rate * overdraft borrowing actual loan days) / 360

Registration procedure is simple with three online steps:

Customers have already had VPBank Online account

  • Step 1: Access VPBank Online (https://online.vpbank.com.vn) -> Login
    Click “loan” -> “Online loan” -> “Personal Overdraft Loans” -> Click “I have read and understood the general regulations of unsecured overdraft loan” -> “Continue”
  • Step 2: Select “Account overdraft applicants” (Note: Select the account salary list) -> Fill in the required information -> Select “Continue”.
  • Step 3: Validate the transaction by code and password OTP VP Online -> Done

Customers have not had VPBank Online account

Access VPBank Online (https://online.vpbank.com.vn) -> Register a new account. Fill all information. After completing the registration and activate your account, follow all the steps as above.

Detailed information, please contact the Hotline 1900 54 54 15

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