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Turkey’s Best Factoring Company: YAPI KREDİ FACTORING



Turkey's Best Factoring Company: YAPI KREDİ FACTORING 1

YapıKredi Factoring has been designated Turkey’s Best Factoring Company at Global Banking & Finance Awards 2020, organized by the prominent global finance and business magazine Global Banking & Finance Review, in recognition of its diligent efforts despite the Corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak which has impacted the entire world.

YapıKredi Factoring’s General Manager Bozkurt Çöteli made the following remarks on the matter:“As the company leading the industry, we are very proud to have received this prestigious award. At YapıKredi Factoring, we have continued to stand by our customers as always, by keeping a close watch on the developments regarding the pandemic affecting the world and Turkey. To this end, we offer customized solutions to the different needs that arise in the specific regions of Turkey. In order to stand by our customers during the pandemic we have extended some maturities in line with the sectorial needs. Furthermore, in addition to the short-term borrowing transactions that we conduct at the Takasbank Money Market, we have diversified our fund sources by focusing on different borrowings with maturity periods between three and six months. This award confirms how appropriate our work has been.”

Digital solutions are our main focus

Underlining the importance of investing in digitalization in this period, Çöteli stated, “We mainly focus on digital solutions in order to enhance the speed and convenience of our customers’ commercial transactions. To this end, we have expanded and revamped the functions of our website. We have added new functionality to our new website, designed with a user-friendly interface, so as to offer practicality and speedy process to our customers We are also designing a mobile application to allow customers to access their accounts with much more ease. In the coming days, we hope to offer our customers this application as well as other digital solutions.

In the coming period, we will continue to possess a customer portfolio extended across a wide base in all segments so as to maintain long-lasting and healthy growth. We will keep on serving Turkey’s largest corporate firms on the one hand, while maintaining our leadership by continuing to deliver services to small and medium-sized enterprises on the other. In keeping with our SME-centered growth strategy, we shall keep on offering the entire potential of factoring to these companies that power the national economy.”

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