Tradingene, the new way to invest in trading algorithms

Tradingene, the marketplace for trading algorithms and labelled the ‘future of trading’, has announced two major features for their investors.

The platform’s marketplace for trading algorithms and subscription plans were released this week, bringing trading algorithms to retail investors and creating new investment opportunities.

Tradingene’s marketplace allows investors to learn about algorithms, as well as evaluate and choose the most suitable method for their own portfolio.

Tradingene is the only marketplace where all algorithms pass a verification process and investors define success fees. This innovative approach also allows users to modify algorithms to fit their risk-return expectations.

Investors are now able to connect algorithms to their cryptocurrency accounts or follow algorithms by receiving signals. Marketplace auctions will run for up to two weeks, with the algorithms designed to operate for three months.

Additionally, Tradingene has demonstrated its versatility with the introduction of three subscription plans.

The free Basic subscription is for beginners which allows them to subscribe up to three algorithms and receive trading signals with a one hour delay. The Pro subscription, which starts at $8 per month, has five algorithms in play with no delay in the sending of signals. Pro+ ($15 per month) is for more experienced users and will include instant Telegram notifications about algorithm trades and the number of subscribed algorithms, which are unlimited in this plan.

The algorithms currently available for subscription trade the ETHUSD, EOSUSD, BTCUSD, ETHBTC cryptocurrency pairs. Users who subscribe will track the performance of the algorithm that they choose from the date of subscription on their personal dashboard.

Tradingene was built to enable experienced traders and algorithm creators to create algorithms to trade in cryptocurrencies and other popular financial instruments, making algorithmic trading accessible, transparent and equitable. The recently launched marketplace provides a unique opportunity for algorithm creators to attract capital to their algorithms, generating success fees from investors.

“The launch of these features underpins our belief that Tradingene could well be the future of trading. It is the new standard for taking advantage of the profits available from trading algorithms in the crypto space,” enthused Daniel Wolfe, Tradingene CEO. “For too long, algorithms have been available only to large hedge funds and bulge-bracket banks with the resources to invest in a team of creators. Our marketplace gives access to any investor interested in having the power of trading algorithms in their portfolio.

“We have set up a marketplace and subscription model which can be accessible to investors of all abilities who believe that algo-trading and blockchain technology are built to last,” added Wolfe.

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