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Tradingene hails signing with BCT, ‘The Bloomberg for Crypto’

Tradingene hails signing with BCT, ‘The Bloomberg for Crypto’

Tradingene, the first marketplace providing tested algorithms with investors on a blockchain-based auction platform, has established a strategic collaboration with BCT Inc., developer of the Blockchain Terminal, a groundbreaking platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

The Blockchain Terminal is being developed to provide hedge funds and other institutional investors with a one-stop shop for third party crypto-trading tools, information, data, and content, offering a consolidated view of the crypto market that promises to bridge the gap between traditional investment and the emerging crypto space. Tradingene is an ideal addition to this system designed for speed, efficiency and for maximizing trading power – by incorporating Tradingene into the Blockchain Terminal, traders will have access to a broad range of third-party algorithms on a success fee basis.

“Tradingene is delighted to have signed with BCT,” enthused Daniel Wolfe, CEO of Tradingene. “The Blockchain Terminal is a new and exciting platform that we see as the ‘Bloomberg for Crypto.’”

Tradingene was built to enable the creation and use of algorithms to trade in cryptocurrencies and other popular financial instruments, making algorithmic trading accessible, transparent and equitable.

“We are excited about the partnership with Tradingene, as it opens the opportunity for Blockchain Terminal customers to begin accessing a wider range of third-party algorithms and trading tools,” said Jeremy Weiss, BCT Inc. Asia Pacific CEO. “We look forward to users and traders being able to leverage Tradingene as a new standard for taking advantage of the profits available from trading algorithms in the crypto space.”

The blockchain protects creators’ intellectual property, ensures a transparent bidding process and allows Tradingene to fix the profit from each algorithm. It also enables users to buy trading ‘robots’ with one click. In addition, Tradingene’s intuitive portfolio management tools help investors create a portfolio that fits their risk-return preferences.

“Signing with BCT brings a host of benefits to us, not least their access to hedge funds who are natural buyers of our algorithms. The Blockchain Terminal technology is already being tested, and it is a transparent and robust platform that meets the high demands of the industry. It’s a fantastic development for us,” added Wolfe.

BCT Inc.’s public token sale began on 1 April and concluded 30 April. Tradingene launches its ICO on 16 May 2018.

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