Top 10 tips to invest in real estate

Whenever you hear about someone has done an investment in real estate, what is the first thought that crosses to your mind? Real estate, a term quite widely used nowadays, is a property that consists of land, the buildings on it, along with natural resources such as crops, minerals or water. Sounds interesting! Investment any form is done to secure one’s future. So how do you start investing in real estate?
Real estate is a lucrative business, but like any other business risks are associated with this vehicle as well.
Here are the top 10 tips that can be listed:

  1. Setting a target: Any new venture in investing requires target setting to achieve your goals and reap benefits. So when you’ve reached your target you can sell the property and earn profits.
  2. Cash management: For an individual to invest in real estate requires huge cash. You can also make payments via cheques or demand draft while you are dealing with a real estate broker.
  3. Choosing your broker: There are many firms which can assist you with your real estate investment plans by looking in to your requirements and goals you’ve kept. But it is also very important to choose your broker wisely as some of them might end up putting in a legal mess and cause other implications. Therefore, it is advisable to do a background check on the real estate broker.
  4. Selecting a Plan: Depending upon the target you set, you might as well select the plan either short term or a long term investment funds. So a short term investment fund may give you returns in 10years or so.
  5. Choosing a good location: When deciding about a property purchase, choosing the right location plays an important role. As the old wise saying in the field of real estate goes “Location, location, location”. If you find it difficult to settle down on the right location, you can also take help of a partner or talk to your real estate broker.
  6. Studying the Property: When you are trying to drive wealth while investing, the prime concern lies in what kind of property can be picked up for investment. After you have identified your property, study the area, its prime location. You can also look for a property in overseas.
  7. Sharpen your negotiation skills: While dealing with a real estate agent, remember not to take everything what they say, and be a little cautious. The negotiation skills are important so that you get charged less by the broker. This can be by an inner understanding of how a broker gets paid, and what are his net profit earnings?
  8. Legal Formalities: Anything related to land or property comes under the scrutiny of the land law governing that country. Therefore, it is important that the property that you are buying doesn’t have any illegal attachments.
  9. Tax implications and Insurance: The property sector comes under the purview of taxed commodity. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the tax ratio and also identify the schemes you can buy to eliminate these taxes.
  10. Be patient: After going through all the above pointers, the basic characteristic you are required to inculcate is patience. As not always you’ll earn profits. But the more you invest, the more you earn experience and reap better profits.


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