Through Technology, Venture Capital Needs To Transform. Enter, Exit Factory

“Exit Factory is the entry to a new approach.”

We live in a time of unprecedented technological progress. Fresh business concepts emanate from new technologies and every day we observe their resulting projects. An astonishing $27 billion is invested each week in more than 350 start-up funding rounds.

As a consequence, investors face ever increasing challenges in identifying projects with the highest potential.

Most venture capitalists concede that finding those projects, which are primed for quick exits with a favourable return on their investment, has never been more difficult.

Enter,Exit Factory. Using AI and decentralised blockchain technology, Exit Factory is poised to solve these issues with their own decentralised platform, coined Exit Platform. Exit Platform is aimed at helping both the investors and acquirers, as well as project founders and the team within.

Exit Platform is the first business platform focused on complex solutions to support the venture capital industry. Exit Platform ultimately allows investors to pinpoint a promising project or an entire market area for future investments. It provides complete transparency of all the business processes by relying on Smart Contracts and Blockchain technologies. Exit Platform focusses on granting high yield investments by ensuring the execution of short term exits.

How does it work?

Investors and acquirers will benefit from an AI decision-support system that takes into account a range of economic variables, as well as factors relating to project founders’ and team members’ track records to predict the short to medium-term prospects that have the potential for high-yield exits.

Founders and teams will benefit from the fact that if they are genuinely skilled in their project’s sector, they will be identified by the AI and therefore more likely to be rewarded for their competence.

The AI’s output will be continually assessed and commented on by qualified investment experts, meaning the neural network will get better and better as it is trained by both real world examples of successful exits and the associated variables, as well as successful human experts.

Eight interlinked working parts of the Exit Factory platform will address, in depth, every stage of the lifecycle of a project from conception to exit. These include identifying investment trends and bringing teams together in order to conceive and implement projects. There will be significant assistance with training, document drafting and investor selection, building an investor community to which AI-evaluated projects can be introduced and technologies to automate the administration of securing investments in terms of corporate paperwork and regulatory compliance. Additionally, a decentralised instrument for automating the investment process and reducing financial risk with insurance, executing the growth strategy and the development of an exit strategy with built in KPI system as well as structuring M&A deals are all part of its capabilities.

Who is behind it?

Adopting the most nascent of technologies for the VC market was conceived by Daleri Nasibi who has decades of experience initialising and implementing projects in South-East Asia and Europe.

His overriding aim was to lay the foundation for a smart economy by introducing an instrument that facilitates searches for high-potential business ideas with the promise of high-yield exits.

Based in Malaysia, Exit Factory has already been trusted with over $7 million of traditional investors’ and private equity money to fund the first champions of AI with more to follow.The company is preparing the infrastructure to meet the requirements of both Malaysian Law and the Security Commission to arrange legal ICOs for the perspective projects which it will support. These measures will give a firm nod to the active encouragement of cryptocurrency related activities in Malaysia, with the prospect of attracting project founders and teams to launch in Malaysia imminently.

Daleri Nasibi, co-founder and CEO of Exit Factory:

“We own a complete know-how product, a neural network created by AI experts together with specialists from the fields of economics, social processes’ simulation and social engineering. This system grants access to prediction and creation of economical and investment trends. The research itself is of closed door nature. It’s totally off the grid.   

“We are creating a new trendsetting economy of smart investments.Yes, there are several solutions also aimed at sorting out venture industry’s issues, but they lack our overarching aim of guiding a project through its entire life-cycle with a short-term exit in mind from the very start.

“This is an exciting project with ambition to take the traditional educated guesswork out of selecting truly promising technology trends, founders and teams from a plethora of projects.”

Two projects which have already begun with Exit-Factory include PAVO and Taklimakan Network . Additional projects which are already being chosen by Exit Factory’s AI will be revealed in late July.

Exit Factory will shortly invite reliable crypto investors to buy a stake in the company, as only those investors will then in turn be able to invest into the projects on the Exit Factory platform.

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