MiniCredit-Most Innovative Online Lender in Georgia

MiniCredit, an online loan company, recently received an award for the ‘Most Innovative Online Lender in Georgia’ by Global Banking and Finance Review. Nino Buzhgulashvili
The company is a leader in non-banking loans in Poland, Latvia, and Estonia and in 2011, MiniCredit office was opened in Georgia as well. Everyone above the age 21 can receive a loan with only an ID card. The loans are limited to 300 GEL and can be lent for 5, 15 and 30 days.
“The procedure is quite easy and fast,” says Nino Buzhgulashvili, the Head of MiniCredit. One should fill out the online application indicating the amount and time frame of the loan. Consideration of the application can take about an hour and in the case of confirmation, the loan is transferred to the customer’s bank account or can be taken as cash in Georgian Posts offices. Company has an individual approach to each customer.
The commissions are fixed and determined by the time frame and amount of the loan. Repaying or renewing the credit can be done in various pay boxes, by plastic card via UniPAY web-page or transferring money on the company’s bank account, explained Buzhgulashvili.
According to her, the reason the company entered the Georgian market is that such a service was not offered by anyone else. Company offers a product one can get online without any extra trouble.
During this one year, MiniCredit implemented various services and offers in order to stimulate and attract more customers. One of the projects was to get the loan via the Facebook fan page and SMS applications. Also, the web-page of the company  was developed and renewed in order to make it more user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Office: (+995 32) 2204040
Directors: Nino Buzhgulashvili
Vladimir Berezovski