How to void a check?

As digitalization conquering the world profoundly ever before, you have all the facilities to make payments, investments or deposits without using a check. However, you may still need checks in some instances.

For example, you have to submit a voided check when a company requests or to avoid edited checks that may raise concerns.  Voiding a check is significant to protect your account from any fraudulent activities or to prevent anyone from filling out your check. Voiding is fairly a simple process, but you have to make sure that you properly voided a check to avoid issues.

How to void a check under your possession?

Voiding a check under your possession is fairly a simple process, but you have to make sure that you properly voided a check to avoid issues.  Here are some steps to cancel your check:

  1. Use a pen: Use a black or blue pen to avoid the chances to be If you are using pencil, it’s easy for someone to erase the word VOID and use your check fraudulently.
  2. Write the word ‘VOID’: Write the word ‘VOID’ across the payee line, payment amount box and signature line in large font size to prevent anybody from using the check.
  3. Record the voided check: Keep a record of voided checks along with the reason to make the particular check void in your check register is crucial to maintain a reliable financial record and to avoid confusion.
  4. Make a Copy of voided check: Once you make a voided check, you should keep a copy of the same.  That may help you submit the copy of voided check when you not required to present an original check.

How to void a check under your possession?

How to void a check lost or given to someone?

Voiding a lost check is not as simple as canceling the check under your possession. Therefore, you should be very careful when you want to void a check as it requires quick action. Following are some measures that you need to follow void a lost check:

  1. Gather required information: To cancel a check, you should know your account number, check number, date of the check, amount of the check amount and name of the payee. The information needed to void the check may vary by country and bank. However, you have to collect all of the above information.
  2. Contact your bank and get ‘Stop Payment Order’: If you want to void the lost check, you must contact your bank and request for a ‘Stop Payment Order’.  The ‘Stop Payment Order’ comes into effect only the check hasn’t submitted to the bank.
  3. Void the check online: Most of the banks provide online options to void your check. Log into your bank account and look for services and options provided by the bank to cancel the check. Select the right option and cancel the check number that you have lost.
  4. Make the payment: Most of the banks may charge to cancel your check. It may vary by bank or the method used to contact the bank. For example, you may be charged less for online cancellation.
  5. Note the expiration date on ‘Stop Payment Order’: The Stop Payment Order expires usually after six months. Therefore, you should be careful to renew the request if required.

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