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Online Tutoring Jobs: Should You Offer Them?



Online Tutoring Jobs: Should You Offer Them?

Technology has offered students a new way of study that provides flexible one-on-one learning support over the internet. Today, every child born into a society that equipped with modern technology, which makes the process of learning very simple and comfortable.

Generally, online tutors are subject experts that they impart their knowledge to students by utilizing the different ways such as e-mail, live chat, audio and video conferencing. There are also many online tutoring platforms available in the market that helps you provide great online tutoring services.

What is online tutoring jobs?

Online tutoring is a process of helping students to learn a subject that someone else already taught them.  It allows tutors to make money by helping students to learn from the comfort of their own home, library or any other place. Tutors are experts on specific subjects and work mainly to simplify the process of learning. They help students to do their assignments and evaluate students’ performance to improve their study skills.

How does it work?

A wide range of techniques can be used for online tutoring to impart the knowledge and these methods facilitate communication between the tutor and the student without any issues.  E-mail is the most traditional and simple form of communication that used in the initial stage of tutoring.  Students e-mail their doubts and questions to tutors and tutors respond with their answers and suggestions. Technological innovation has made drastic changes in the tutoring profession. With the advent of more innovative technologies such as voice chat, video chat and instant messaging, the opportunities for online tutoring profession has increased.

Qualifications for an online tutor

Although online tutoring is a comfortable profession, it requires a strong educational background- a bachelor degree or master’s and above. Master’s degree with a teaching certificate is preferable to start a career in the online tutor profession. Apart from the educational qualifications, an online tutor should have the following skills:

  • Be able to listen and respond quickly.
  • Be able to read and speak fluently.
  • Be familiar with online tutoring platforms and learning strategies.

Qualifications for an online tutor

Pros and cons of online tutoring

Flexibility is the most significant reason for opting for online tutoring jobs as it allows tutors to work from the comfort of their home. It also provides more time to spend with their families as it is more likely a part-time job.

Although it is gaining popularity over the years, online tutoring still has continued strange for many people. Other significant drawbacks are technical issues or internet connectivity that may affect online tutoring at any time. Another important drawback of online tutoring profession is that it pays less than direct tutoring.

Online tutoring is an effective platform for students to improve their educational skills. It allows students to clarify their doubts personally with tutors. Online tutors also help students to grow their learning skills through proper assignments and learning schedules. The face-to-face conversation between the tutor and the student make the process of learning more comfortable. Online tutoring is time-saving as students need not travel anywhere. It allows students to sit in their own home and listen to classes. Individual caring is possible in the online tutoring and it helps students to improve their performances.  Online tutoring provides a great opportunity to choose an efficient tutor by evaluating their profile and charges.

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