How to set up a GoFundMe page

Need to help an animal or want sufficient funds for medical expenses or a memorial?Then looking into creating a GoFundMe page is what you should be doing. Compared to other crown funding sites the for-profit organization, which came into being in 2010 is much more flexible to use and allows for easy access to money raised. The platform based on its strengths has also amassed a large amount of users and has helped raised up to $5 billion until 2017. With GoFundMe showing no signs of slowing down, we look at how to set up an account on the site and the process of creating a page for a campaign.

Start by setting up a GoFundMe Account

The process of creating a GoFundMe page for a campaign starts with the creation of an account. An account can be created with an email address that is used frequently and is able to receive notifications easily. Alternatively those who have a Facebook account can use it to sign up for a GoFundMe account. In case a Facebook account is used for signing up the email associated with Facebook will receive all the notifications from GoFundMe. Once an account is active it can be used to run up to 5 separate campaigns.

Set up the goal, campaign title and Category

When setting up a GoFundMe page for a campaign you will be prompted to enter a title for it and a fundraising goal in US dollars. Keeping the campaign title catchy and ensuring that it is listed under the correct category such as Medical, Emergency, Memorial, Animals or nonprofit ensures that the right people see the campaign. Examples of fundraising through the crowd funding platform include campaigns that help people after an Emergency situation such as a mass shooting or pay for a Memorial service after a death.  Another important part of the GoFundMe campaign is the creation of the link for the page. Having a link that is short ensures that the page is easily found. Additionally the link can be customized and edited by using a computer or a mobile phone. An important part of this process is choosing whether the funds are being raised for an individual, an organization, a charity or a non-profit.

How to withdraw funds from a GoFundMe account

Creating a campaign for another person is possible as long as they live in a country that is supported by GoFundMe payment partners. The person who is beneficiary of the campaign in addition to being above 18 years and older, has to have a bank account,a physical address, a phone number, a tax ID and government issued id for the country that is supported by GoFundMe. Once you have signed into your GoFundMe account you can use the withdraw button to set up a withdrawal that is linked to yourself or a third party beneficiary. A third party can be invited by using the beneficiary’s email address and name.

The various helpful features of GoFundMe allow you to raise funds quickly and efficiently especially in emergencies. These features also allow you to include photos, videos and even create a text based story to support a particular campaign.  Finally the mostimportant benefit of GoFundMe is that after it subtracts its payment processing fees which is lower for individual campaigns, it allows you to access the funds donated even if your campaign does not meet the target.

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