A recession means it’s time to set priorities. While a recession difficult it can teach you a lot about your financial position. It is the time to invest wisely. Here are 10 simple points to be kept in mind while investing during a financial crisis.

How to invest during a recession or a financial crisis
How to invest during a recession or a financial crisis

1. Try to maintain a correct risk profile. It is always necessary to stay on to lower funds with diverse sectors. This helps in cashing on whenever any sector emerges.
2. Don’t accumulate new debt and try to pay off existing debt
3. Look into investing in non-cyclical stocks. These may provide a reduced risk.
4. Use index tracking for long run profit. The process can assist in staying invested and with managing a lower risk profile.
5. Avoid minute to minute speculation.
6. You may want to have a portfolio analysis done to set short and long term investment goals.
7. Taxation benefits areas should be explored to maximum tax benefits.
8. Stay calm and look for commodity investments which are serving well.
9. Investment during this time can be a profitable one for the future when the market bounces back.
10. Stay informed about basic and need based commodities.