How Much Do Bank Tellers Make?  

Visit any bank branch, and you will find a teller there. Bank tellers are one of the most visible position holders at any bank or credit union. Although banking institutions encourage their customers to indulge in online banking and using credit cards, the need for customer-facing tellers is paramount to provide the human touch to the customers

Role Of A Bank Teller

The purpose of a bank teller is precise, and he serves the bank’s customers by helping them meet their day to day financial requirements. Be it functions like depositing funds or withdrawing them; each bank customer interacts with the bank teller at some point in time. He is responsible for taking in credit slips and cashing cheques, all of which are added up and balanced at the end of the day by the bank teller.

Skills Required By A Bank Teller

A bank teller sums up being a part administrator, part customer liaison, and part accountant. Not only this, he must be present to help customers with their inquiries, complains, and requests. All this requires a teller to be efficient, accurate, and quick and should have a knack of dealing with people.

Besides customer service, the bank teller should also possess necessary mathematical skills too and should be proficient with computers and data entry. This is because most of the tasks in banking require constant, consistent, and accurate record keeping.

Educational Requirement Of A Bank Teller

Bank tellers have an entry-level position in the financial industry. Educational Requirements of a bank teller include a high school diploma or GED. Along with this, banks provide training and certifications to tellers based on their banking policies for tellers.

Opportunities For A Bank Teller

Bank teller is the entry-level profile in the financial industry. It is considered as good grounding, and one can progress to the position of Chief Cashier and further to other major roles such as Assistant Manager, Branch Manager, Securities, and Foreign Exchange. For those who show competence, aptitude, and enthusiasm, promotions come quick.

Tasks Of A Bank Teller

  • Conducting all financial transactions for the customers such as deposits and withdrawals of cash.
  • Providing information to customers regarding the products offered by the banks and about the personal and business accounts at the bank.
  • Ensuring a smooth supply of cash and security for all transactions.

 Salaries Of Bank Teller

According to salaries submitted by bank teller employees in London, the U.K. to Glassdoor, the average base pay of a bank teller is £ 17,299 per year.  The average hourly salary for bank tellers in the United States is $ 13 an hour. The hourly wages can be seen as high as up to $ 18.99 and as low as $ 8.41, but the majority of salary can be seen between the range of $ 11 and $ 15 across the United States[1].  The bank teller salaries are reported to be highest at Bank of America Corp. (BOFA) with the average pay of $ 13.43. The Chase Bank offers a wage of around $ 12.32, and BB&T Corp. pays around $ 12.94[2]. The PNC Financial Services Group Inc. pays around $ 10.73, with is the lowest while U.S. Bank and Regions Bank pay $ 11.48 and $ 11.76 respectively[3].

Several banks have other additional benefits too, which include share options, bonus schemes and subsidized mortgages and loans which are highly attractive to the employees.




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