We are all humans and we will fall sick if the sickness cannot be cured at home we go to hospital, when we see the bill during are discharge we get a mini heart attack. But health is important and how much the cost we have to pay we will pay as we cannot compromise, but we can avoid getting a shock at the end of a hospital stay by applying for hospital expense insurance. It covers your room charge, operation theater charge, laboratory charge and medicine charge. You can apply for a claim by producing all the bills; you will get the amount deducting the deducible. You can look online for an insurance company that provides such an insurance and select the one that suits you the best. But make sure to read the offer document carefully as any mistake by you can be used by the company to deny your claim. Also make sure to have all documents specified according to the company’s rules to make your claim a successful one. The policy also decides which hospital you can afford and the treatment you can get so do read all points carefully. As the company does not give a damn about you to make profit they find reasons to reject your claim.

Natural calamity and death is uncertain be prepared

In case of most of the natural disasters all your important documents are destroyed, even a bank locker cannot protect them so to safe guard yours and your families future its best you go for a virtual deposit box you can then view your documents 24/7 365 days a year. You put the documents yourself; send the copy by fax or mail or one of the employees could help you with it. The security is good your documents will be safe. But there is a small fee you have to pay monthly or yearly just like a bank deposit box. So apply for a safe deposit box as soon as possible and safe guard the future of your loved ones.

Most of us think we should make a will only if we are old or have wealth that can be distributed, but at times we might have wealth but may not know, have you calculated what your insurance policies are worth, are you a part of someone else’s will or you might have copyrights that can be transferred. If you do not make a will the law takes care of your property and distributes it according to law of succession but at times it can be different from what you wanted, so it is best to write your will yourself so that you can rest in peace. Also your will includes if you want to live on a life support system or not. So make sure to write a will as death today does not knock at your door before coming.

Death can come today or tomorrow you never know the question is how your family will survive without you, how will they clear your debts? A life insurance is a must it not only helps people dependent on you it also clears all your bills. At least for the time being till they are stable. There are two kinds of life insurance term and whole you can choose anyone, but don’t forget to take one. How will you young kids manage without and you’re earning? There are a lot of policies online choose one according to your pocket and no, of dependents you have. In this uncertain world this can be a great help to your family.

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