Essential Warning Tool Launched by AltanaFT Tracking CDS Spreads

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An early warning tool giving unprecedented access to warning systems
used by the most sophisticated financial players worldwide

In light of the escalating Eurozone crisis, AltanaFT announces that it is launching RISKALERT, an early warning system for Financial Services Professionals, the first of its kind in the market. It is launching with a one month free trial for all users.

The alert service helps finance professionals such as CFOs and Treasurers stay alert to bank, corporate and sovereign crises.  It can help a business, as part of their risk management process, to avoid losses from another Northern Rock, Bear Stearns or Lehman Brothers, or sovereign crises such as the current situation in Greece and those thought to be next in line: Spain, Italy, Portugal or others.    Altana Wealth

2012 has seen exceptional levels of volatility in the global financial markets. RISKALERT enables Treasurers, Senior Executives and Financial Services Professionals to track global and local counterparty instability and protect their money by monitoring real time prices from credit markets. These real time price quotes reveal the investment cost of risk protection, highlighting potential major changes in markets and individual companies. Using these signals, it can provide an early warning on when a crisis may be approaching or is abating.

The software suite successfully predicted crises in Spanish banks during market testing with selected market partners who have been trialling the software for a year.

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The service allows subscribers to select which institutions they want to monitor from a list of 1,200 entities worldwide including sovereigns, corporate and financial institutions. The tool is powered by Credit Default Swap data, and delivers alerts straight to email inboxes as soon as personalised warning triggers are reached.  In addition, users are able to view real-time updates on up to 1,200 counterparties through an online dashboard with real time status on watch list businesses and banks.  The dashboard also provides implied credit ratings.

Altana founder and CIO, Lee Robinson is renowned for having predicted the credit crisis of 2008 and for successfully positioning his fund (the Trafalgar Catalyst Fund) for the downturn.  As a result he won a number of awards and industry and investor acknowledgement.  He subsequently positioned his investments to profit from the Sovereign Credit Crisis and founded Altana Wealth.

Lee Robinson commented: “We are in a credit crisis. To lack the updated market information on credit insurance is an invitation to failure. CDS spreads are regarded as the best measure of current and short term outlook of unexpected events and have proven to do so in periods of crisis. I have been using them for years to assess the risk of specific companies, institutions and worldwide regions. These were vital in allowing me to predict and hedge against the last financial crisis. Given the current uncertain state of the European economy, it is more important than ever to have timely financial indicators. RISKALERT is a vital alert system for those financial professionals that need to make  informed decisions about trading with particular companies and regions.”

AltanaFT was founded by Lee Robinson, a successful market investor best known for predicting the 2007/2008 credit crisis and subsequent recession. Lee has a successful and audited trading record across over a decade and founded a major hedge fund – Altana Wealth.

Altana Wealth delivers Absolute Real Returns and currently has three funds open to external investors: the Altana Sovereign Diversity Fund, the Altana Inflation Trends Fund and the Altana Distressed Assets Fund.  Although very different in strategy and asset allocation, they share an overriding principle of helping investors to preserve and enhance their wealth against a backdrop of widespread concern in the investment community over currency inflation and asset devaluation.

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