The SunTrust Center for Financial Education at Wake Technical Community College has launched the National Financial Educators Council’s eVolve eLearning platform and is making the course available to student’s campus wide.

The proprietary eLearning platform and learning management system form the backbone of the Center for Financial Education online personal finance initiative and a piece of the Centers overall financial literacy campaign. Combining live events, financial education based contests, interactive experiences and a personal finance mobile app with online education resources – the Centers goal is to build an authentic, dynamic learning experience while providing students access to practical financial education programming.

The eLearning platform and Learning Management System (LMS) are evidence-based and designed according to current educational theory and benchmarks. The learner-centered approach applies accepted educational strategies including scaffolding, simulation, project-based learning, and case studies. The Centers tools create a learner-focused interactive experience designed to be unique for each individual user. Learners construct their own understanding by completing practical real-world financial activities.

As part of the digital education package, the Center is rolling out a mobile personal finance app that aligns with the online learning center. This money management application covers topics ranging from budgeting to paying for school and paying off debt. These lessons are delivered through: videos, quick tips, interactive surveys, guides and real time testing.

The lead personal finance educator at the Center for Financial Education, Kim Knox, includes the eLearning Center during her presentations to create a blended learning experience for students that attend her workshops. The platforms Central Dashboard provides robust evaluation data that allows the course facilitator to set up various engagement analytics and defined milestones. The built in Learning Management System allows facilitators to customize learning pathways while the students can personalize their learning experience based on specific interests, test results, and lesson accomplishments.

“The SunTrust Center for Financial Education at Wake Technical Community College was developed to financially empower students and parents alike. We want to ensure our community members have the information needed to make financial decision that are in alignment with their longer-term goals,” states John Saparilas, Associate Vice President at Wake Technical Community College. The online learning center is a key part of the overall strategy to reach students and their families.

The SunTrust Center for Financial Education at Wake Technical Community College enriches lives by providing quality financial education to meet the needs of a diverse, growing community. The Center is celebrating its 3rd year and has conducted over 100 live, in-person, financial education workshops.

Wake Technical Community College
Wake Tech is fully committed to designing a comprehensive financial education initiative for prospective students, current students, staff, and faculty. The college is dedicated to providing this holistic financial education initiative in order to increase financial literacy and allow participants to achieve financial freedom and empowerment.

SunTrust Foundation
Established in 2008, the SunTrust Foundation’s mission is to provide monetary support to nonprofit organizations and institutions engaged in activities promoting education, health and human services, culture and art, and civic and community involvement that contribute to the social and economic development of the communities SunTrust serves.

National Financial Educators Council
The National Financial Educators Council is dedicated to creating a world where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they impact around the globe. The NFEC’s continued expansion into EdTech is aligned with their mission to raise people’s financial capabilities on a global scale.

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