Where We Are Going There Are No Banks

Company name: BankToTheFuture.com

Nature of business: CrowdInvesting platform
Locations/ also markets they operate in: Nationwide UK, as all funding is done online


Contact information:
Email address: [email protected]
Telephone: 0203 6515374

Key executives:
Simon Dixon (CEO and Co-founder),
Bliss Dixon (Co- founder and Chief Operating Officer),
Adrian Collier (Technical Director),
Fiona Brownsell (Advisory Board Member)

Brief history of the company:
BankToTheFuture.com is a hybrid crowd funding platform which offers the opportunity to contribute and invest in startup and mature businesses online in exchange for shares in the company. BankToTheFuture.com was launched in September 2012, they offer start-ups and mature businesses a means to secure crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, and crowdloans.

In the first nine months from the launch, BankToTheFuture.com helped to secure more than £400,000 for businesses pitching for investment. In order to prove the crowdfunding concept BankToTheFuture.com secured its own funding on its own platform and successfully launched on that basis.

Certifications/ licences:
Consumer Credit Licence, Member of UK CrowdFunding Association, Website An Approved Financial Promotion
Product services offered: CrowdInvesting and CrowdFunding
CRS activities: Support the banking reform campaign of Positive Money

Major projects:
Wowcher founder chooses BankToTheFuture.com as funding platform for Fabfob venture
BankToTheFuture.com helps save lives with Life Light
Mixologist offers cocktail masterclasses as part of business startup fundraising drive

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