Today there is lot of money in stock market but there are a few things you should look into before investing to make your investment a successful one. You should know what type of investment you want, a long term or short term at what rate you want to buy shares and how much profit you want to sell them at. If you are going for a long term investment checks the background of the company if it has been stable then only invests or else you may suffer loss. When going for short investment make sure to check if the stock prices have increased and the volume of stocks then only invest. Best is to invest in stocks that have shown a continuous growth, go with the trend of the market but be sure to pull out in time if you get too greedy it will make you lose money. Also make sure to be patient, do not over react if the stock prices of a company start falling look into the reason and if it appears to be temporary one like losing a court case then don’t lose confidence in the company as there is still a chance of boom for its stocks. Always follow the news about stocks, never lose your confidence or get too greedy as both can cause you loss. Also don’t invest all your money at once, invest half at a time so that the other half can be used to buy stocks who have even greater drop in price. Don’t only invest half but also sell only half at a time so that in case the stock price rise more you will have stocks to sell. Stock market is an easy place to make and lose money you decide which category you are from.

If you want to invest cheap do it in stock market crash

A stock market crash in the today’s world happens in a few years it is generally caused by panicked customers and at time’s political and economic conditions. Many people loose big money during this period but you can be one to earn. When the stock market crashes invest as much extra money you have as today the stock market recovers from a crash in no time. Before the crash the market is at its highest peak called the bull period then slowly it comes down to bear where it starts crashing so you could say the crash actually starts a few years back. Once the market has crashed invest your money and wait for the market to again come to bear mode in this way you can make the loss of many into yor profit.

A few tips about how to invest in stock market


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When you buy stocks your main motive is to sell them with profit to make profit you should follow the following steps:

  •  Make sure not to invest your entire money because if you lose it will be very difficult for you to recover.
  •  Make sure you do not dive into the stock market for revenge, trying to recover your lost money, as you end up losing more money.
  •  Don’t be too greedy and think of making too much money sell the stocks when you are comfortable don’t wait for stocks to rise more and more as what goes up must come down.
  •  Check the history of the company and all the stock rates, buy stocks that give dividend.

So keep these points in mind when investing in stocks, and do not listen to stock gossips invest on stocks on basis of your own analysis.

It happens with all of us we invest in stocks the price drops, we sell the stock there is a sudden price hike and we feel at loss. To avoid these situations there are couple of tricks, firstly only invest 50% of what you were totally planning to invest, so that if the stock prices go down you can buy shares without a problem. When there is a price hike sell only 50% of the shares so that later is the price is much greater you can sell the rest 50% then. So the thing to be kept in mind is never invest your complete money in one go and do not sell all shares at the same time as you lose future possibility of making more profit.